Monday, November 26, 2012

Not quite twenty days later ...

Yes, yes, I know. I'm ashamed, too.

Because, overall, it's not like I've been WILDLY BUSY or anything ... Not really.

Let's see what all I HAVE been up to ...

  • The local Veteran's Day parade was actually on a SATURDAY this time, so we got to go as a complete family. We found a decent spot to sit/stand. The kids got lots of candy. Bubbles got some attention from a float of ladies in retro dress. Very fun. Then we went home for hot cocoa.
  • Mad cleaning of the house. About to be repeated.
    Since we found a sitter for the kids for the rehearsals where Michael and I BOTH need to be there.
    And, after a week with the kids home (and getting back from visiting family  ... and decorating for Christmas), I need to touch it all up. Again.
  • Bruise, Bucket, and Bubbles had all gotten sick.
    It started Monday (the 12th) ... As I was MAD CLEANING, Bucket said that she didn't feel good. She had a headache and felt like she had a fever. I felt her head and compared it to her brother's. They felt about the same. So I told her she could clean or go take a nap.
    So, she went and laid down. And crashed HARD for a couple HOURS.
    ... So I took Bruise's temperature. Sure enough, he was running a fever.
    And these fevers would NOT break. So I kept dosing them with Tylenol or Ibuprofen and pushed liquids like CRAZY.
    Tuesday, they SHOULD have gone to school (Monday was a no-school day) ... but they were still running fevers. And Bruise coughed enough that he freaked himself out.
    I called the school AND the doctor's office, cuddling him in my lap. Got in for an appointment. It was just a virus. Not hand-foot-mouth or anything. Just a virus. Keep them out of school until the fever's gone. Lots of water. Tylenol. Ibuprofen. Cool baths ... just that sort of thing. And, if Bubbles caught it (which she did), lots of nursing and Tylenol.
    Bucket went back to school on Wednesday. I walked her down the street to the bus stop, with Bruise on the phone. Covering my bases.
    Bruise finally went back to school on Friday ... right before they started a whole week off of school.
    Bubbles was sick starting Thursday evening ... but after Tylenol, nursing, and a bath, she was back to her happy, healthy self again by Friday afternoon.
  • Have I mentioned that we replaced the old thermostat in the hall? Well, we did. And then the heat pump wouldn't kick on. Turns out that we needed ONE more wire. After a couple weeks, we finally ("we" = Michael) fixed it.
    When we got back from a couple days away for Thanksgiving, the house was 55°F. Brr! And, when we tried to heat the three main parts with our heaters (two heat fans in the bedrooms and a heat dish in the front room), we kept tripping the breaker! Oy! ... But about two inches of wire later (after we BOUGHT the wire), we have heat and the house is staying around a much-more-comfortable 68-70°.
  • I have MOST of my Visiting Teaching done for the month. And I have an appointment to meet with the last gal on our route. I'm glad to have that. I feel a little (well, more than a LITTLE) guilty when I only chat up my Visiting Teaching sisters in the hall at church. I want them to know that they really are deserving of a visit ... even if I'm a lazy screw-up more often than not. >.<
  • I'm hosting a Partylite party for a friend who's just starting up her business. THAT'S why I have to clean the house today and tomorrow. And I need to go buy snacks, too.
    I have no idea who all is going to show up. Hopefully, there'll be more people than when I threw a Tupperware party. Since I think that NO ONE showed up besides Mom Cox and her sister, who sells Tupperware. I felt really bad. But we had some REALLY good salsa.
  • I set up my nativity scenes today. My Playmobil one and my Calico Kittens one. And a small olivewood one that was a present last yeat (it's small enough to be an ornament).
    I also put my Linus figurine from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special by them. "That's what Christmas is all about!"
  • While at Fred Meyer on black Friday (we went out late. Didn't get into town until about 7:30. Very low-key. Just hit Kmart and Fred Meyer and went back to my mom's, where she was watching the kids. I went to Costco on Saturday and got my cookbook. That was it, really. Oh... we also went to Target, where I picked up Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory for $13. Score!! And I didn't have to wake up crazy early at all. That's right. Be jealous. :P), I picked up a pack of dreidels. In a week from this coming Saturday, we can play the Dreidel game! I have gold chocolate coins! I have a little wall-hanging/Velcro menorah ... I'm rather excited.
    Yes, you SHOULD expect this from me. I'm the token Mormon who LOVES using Yiddish.
    Also, when my mom's school would do Christmas Around the World for their holiday open house, she ALWAYS was Israel. I know that she has a real Menorah around somewhere. It was HARD to find one, too. ... I should totally make Latkes this year.
    (Seriously, last year, I KNOW we bought THREE dreidels ... And I cannot find them ANYWHERE. SO ANNOYING.)
  • We're now on the last Harry Potter book ... After that, the kids are asking for "The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda" for bedtime story. Then, after that, "Ella Enchanted."
  • For the last week, I've been rather crazy (thank you, hormones. Thank you.) ... You know it's BAD when, as you've put a few coins in the Salvation Army bucket-thing, and the bell-ringer wishes you a merry Christmas ... and you get all teary-eyed ... Yeah. I mean, I get teary-eyed regardless, with Christmas songs ... so it was pretty nuts.
    Now, it should ease up for a few weeks. Thank goodness.
  • We drugged up the cat (with her Kitty Prozac) before we left. Good move ... we came home and she was nice, relaxed, and NOT HAVING HAD PEED ON STUFF while we were gone.
  • I cut Michael's hair ... since we'll be doing family portraits this Friday. I'll be taking the kids in for haircuts (well, not Bubbles. Her hair's not that long) ... Bruise'll get tidied up ... and, well, I'm not wild about how I did Bucket's hair. I'll have someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING get it all cute.
  • My phone was freaking out ... so I had to do (another) factory reset on it. *sigh* So Michael and I will be shopping for new phones soon.
  • I ordered some bras ... which is kind of a big deal. My size is not ... a standard size in most stores. Which is crazy annoying. So, I ordered some from overseas. It'll be nice to have more than ONE nursing bra that fits.
  • My nails have all broken off ... probably from all the cleaning.
  • I know it makes me sound like a grinch, but I really get sad for Christmas eve at my Nana's old house.
    Part of it that I got to see my cousins ... and, for the majority, Pop-pop was still alive. Uncle M hadn't had his stroke ... that house ... I really miss it. I miss the smell of it.
    I also miss Christmas morning up at Grandma D's (my mom's mom). Even though almost all my cousins, growing up, were boys who didn't share ANY interests with bookish, girly me. But ... well, it was always nice.
    I think one reason I enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner, on the years that I've hosted, is that the smell of a roasting turkey always takes me back to Grandma's house.
    What? No! No, I just have something in my eye. Like a contact ... or a seasonal allergy.
  • We also went to the kids' school's Book Fair. You know me, I'm a sucker for anything involving books. Especially books that you get to KEEP. I freaking love that.
  • Bucket got some hand-me-down dresses from another girl at church. They're in great shape. 
  • We went to the local mall's Kids' Club activity ... Breakfast with Santa. After a free breakfast, they got to go sit on Santa's lap. They also got free (felt) Santa hats and goodie bags.
That's really most everything that I can think of to fill you in on.

The kids have been developing their senses of humor ...

At the dinner table on Thanksgiving, Bruise's cup is full of juice
Bruise: *to my mom* This is wine! JUST KIDDING! I'm lying!

Bucket, as I told her some stories about what she'd say when she was little: Wow, I was really bossy back then!
Me: You still are, sometimes. But I still love you.

Yesterday, she walked into the front room and announced, "Something smells strange! What smells weird?"
I told her, "You smell weird."
She and I looked at each other levelly for a second ... and burst out laughing.
We are so strange.

In other news, Michael's been summoned to Jury Duty. It should happen in January.
Isn't this, like, his third or fourth time? I've only been summoned once ... and I wasn't ever selected to be on a jury. (Truly, I didn't mind. It would have been AWFUL having to arrange childcare ... especially since I was still nursing Bruise and Bucket a lot.)

Okay ... I should now shut up and focus on cleaning the front rooms. If I can just get the front room, dining room, kitchen, and hall bath in order, we're GREAT. I could be mostly done TODAY. Then, I could watch Downton Abbey or something during Bubbles' naps tomorrow. ^_^

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