Monday, October 22, 2012

Yet another post in which I catch up from the previous post ... Since that's how I roll, y'all.

So, when I last posted, I was gearing up for Curriculum Night.

And we went and it was good.
Michael showed up about 15 minutes into it (since he drove straight from work).
He and I passed Bubbles back and forth (mostly to him, though, since I was taking notes).
Bruise and Bucket got to play with their other classmates (and the non-baby-aged siblings) in the cafeteria.

At the end of the night, there was a drawing from the names of the students whose parents had attended (and  the student had to be there, too. Of course.) ... Bruise's name was picked out. So he scurried over to the prize bucket and, without ANY hesitation, picked out a pen with a clownfish on top.
When you squeeze the fish, its eyes bug out.

Bucket says that we need to get her one, too. And that she KNOWS they're at Staples, because we've BEEN there and she's SEEN them.

Friday, I made SURE to get a shower before Michael got home (Thursday, I BARELY got a shower before Curriculum Night. Gross.) ... and he got home and Bubbles IMMEDIATELY woke up.

So, we went out to lunch for a date (of course, taking Bubbles with us). We went to a local Thai place, which seems to be our new haunt. Ha ha. But it's small, the food's good, and the service is pretty quick.

Bubbles snacked on some bits that I had brought for her (yogurt bites, puffs, and the like) and drank from her sippy cup. We shared our spring rolls and entrees with her (Michael got the Drunken Noodles again. I broke from tradition. Instead of getting Chicken Pad Thai, I got Yellow Curry Chicken. YUM! It was a little spicy, but it was REALLY, REALLY good. Bubbles liked it, too ... except that I don't think she's used to such spicy fare on her little tastebuds).

Then we ran some errands. Took the filters (didn't fit) for the fish tank back to one store. Ran to old Navy to pick up a few things while I had a good coupon. Ran to the tea store so I could get what I needed to start using my teapot (Infuser for the loose-leaf tea, a scoop for the tea leaves -- I have an infuser and a scoop for a CUP of tea. But I needed those for a POT of tea -- and a tea light warmer, for the pot to sit on and stay toasty ... so I can drink all 3-4 cups of WARM tea).

Then we headed back home and Bubbles took a nap before the kids got home.
It was raining, so we stayed in.

Saturday, we went grocery shopping and then up to Michael's folks. Mom C invited us to come up and paint/carve the pumpkins she had left over from her Activity Day girls (like Boy Scouts ... but ... not really).
Bruise chose a cat in front of the moon. Bucket chose an owl. And, for Bubbles, we chose a happy bat in front of the moon.
Of course, since it was CARVING being done, the adults did most of the work.

My speciality is cleaning out the insides of the pumpkins. Michael carves the kids' pumpkins. ... However, we did learn that I still am good with a smaller knife (like an Exacto-type knife) ... You can take the girl out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of a teacher's daughter.

We ate pizza and the kids and their cousins watched The Lorax (which Michael and I found WAY too politicalized to enjoy ... However, Betty White is always awesome) and Madagascar 3.

We got home and got the kids into showers and pajamas. Then it was bedtime.

Yesterday (Sunday, if you lost track), we had church. Michael went to his early-morning meetings. The kids and I were getting ready. The neighbor girl was coming with us. I told her to come at 8:30, since that's when we leave.
She came, originally, at 8 AM. Then 8:10 ... When we still weren't ready and asked her to come back at 8:30, she apparently waited for those 20 minutes on the porch.
I feel bad ... but, Bruise and I weren't DRESSED all the way.

I need time to help kids find clothes, get them fed, and take care of Bubbles, AND make sure that I have everything for church.

She also told me that her mom said it was fine if she stayed for lunch.

I told her that I'd have to discuss it with Michael.
(We told her to come back over after we'd been home for 20 minutes. It gave us a chance to make lunch and clean up a bit.
However, she'd gotten into trouble and didn't come over for lunch at all.
... Michael DID, on the drive home, (he took Bruise, Bucket, and their friend home in the truck. Bubbles and I were in the van) tell her that she needs to let other people extend the invitation.
She seemed to understand it when he asked how HER mom would like it if Bruise and Bucket came over, saying that THEIR mom said it was fine for them to stay for a meal, without asking.)

After lunch, we had some downtime ... then I ran off to go Visiting Teaching.
Then Michael ran off to a meeting.
Then the kids and I ran off to join him at the church for Choir.
I also had made some calls to get meals taken to a family who'd recently had a baby in our ward.
(Hey, it's my calling. And I'm thinking that I have this calling because it'll help me get over how crap I am at calling people.)

Michael and I got our scripts for Savior of the World.
(He's already off book ... he'd SAY it's just because he only has ONE line ... I maintain it's because my husband is just that awesome.)
I THINK, if I work at it, I SHOULD be off-book MAYBE by rehearsal. If I work at it.
I mean, it's only five lines. And they're in dialogue. So it's not like I have any monologues to memorize.

The music will be the fun part ... right?
I should probably familiarize myself with it, no?

That and clean the house. I'm off to a slow start ... Got laundry started. Ran a load in the dishwasher.
However, Bubbles wants me to be RIGHT NEXT TO HER, if not holding her whenever she's awake.
I'd have gotten a shower during her morning nap ... except I was talking on the phone instead. Oops! Oh well.

But, yeah ... I think that gets everything caught up. Unless something majorly exciting happens between now and when I blog next. We'll see. No promises.

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