Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dear sinuses, SHAPE UP OR ELSE. Love, Me.

Yeah ... I'm sick. FUN! (not)

What all has gone on since I last posted a bliggity-blog ... Um ... Let's see...

Not a whole ton ... I had a vocal rehearsal last week. Funnily enough, the sheet music that we were given varies slightly from what the vocal director has. ... And those of us with solos didn't even have music for those.

I'm doing the first soprano thing again. I can hit the notes, if I'm warmed up. And it's easiest for me to hear that part, since that's what I ALWAYS sing. (Seriously, when I'm told to sing alto or bass or tenor? I'm rather HOPELESS.)

Friday, Michael installed our new thermostat. Took the kids TWO DAYS to notice it at all.
Bucket cut her hair ... a bit in the very front. A week before picture retakes ... So she's sporting bangs now. Yup, I cut them myself. And I cut a couple inches off the rest, per her request.

We carved the kids' pumpkins. They turned out nicely.
Bruise went for a scary face. Bucket drew her witch face design on her pumpkin. Bubbles' had a happy face.

We took the kids up to the zoo for HOWLoween (scavenger hunt with a treat bag at the end). It wasn't horribly busy ... since it was raining. We all got rather wet (Bubbles' polar fleece pants were moist, but dry on the inside ... her legs, though, were so cold!!). I forgot the weather-cover (like a rain jacket) for the stroller. I also managed to only have room for TWO pictures on the camera (forgot to [1]bring a spare card and [2] download the pictures onto the computer from the FULL memory card. *sigh*).
But, for Bubbles' first trip to the zoo, it went pretty well.
After the zoo, we headed to a mall so I could use a couple coupons to get my freebies.

But, after being so wet and cold for so long, Bubbles and I have developed colds. (She's already nearly back to normal. Just a runny nose now. ... I, though, have clogged sinuses and a cough. Joy.)

We made it home in time for Michael to run to Costco for a few things so I could make a dish for the ward potluck (I made tuna casserole) then to go set up. Then he swung back around and picked us and the casserole up for the dinner. It was a good activity.

Sunday, we had church and then choir in the evening. Before choir, we watched The Addams Family.

Monday ... we missed the local library's Halloween Storytime. Instead, though, I dug out my copy of "The Dark-Thirty" and read a story to the kids, instead of the usual chapter of Harry Potter.

Tuesday, Bubbles and I went out while the kiddos were in school. We went to Safeway, Target, and Sally Beauty (got a decent black nail polish. Along with base and top coats. So I could redo my nails. Again.).

Yup. My life is pure and thrilling excitement, no?

Yesterday, when the kids got home from school (they had a party in class. NOT A HALLOWEEN PARTY because their school doesn't do Halloween, but a party to celebrate their unit on pumpkins and apples. I sent them to school with some cider and cookies for the class), I was going to take them straightaway, in costume, to Mom and Dad C's ... but, their neighbor-friend came in with them because she was sure that her family wasn't at home (no cars in the driveway) and said that it was locked. She hadn't knocked on the door or anything. ... And her brother usually gets home before her and HE'S old enough to be home alone. When I went to walk with her to her house, lo and behold, her family had returned.

So, I called Mom C back and told her that we'd be on our way!
So, I took a cobra ninja, a red ninja, and a fluffy owlet to Grandma's for hot cocoa and doughnuts.
Then we swung by the house for their bags and headed over to the mall to meet Michael and take the kids trick-or-treating. After that, we took them to a Halloween party that one of the local churches was hosting for the town. (Bruise and Bucket liked the bounce-ship and trying the rock-climbing wall. Bucket also got a snake painted on her face, to go with her costume.)

Then we went home, put the kids to bed, fed Bubbles some banana and cereal, got her to bed and went to bed after she was asleep. Michael and I are both fighting off colds. Mine's got a head start, though. So I'm rather miserable.

Today, I got the kids off to school, got a shower, and Bubbles came with me to help a sister in the ward pack before she moves this weekend. Bubbles was pretty well-behaved, in the Moby. Two other sisters and I helped until we ran out of boxes.

I think I'm about caught up on laundry.

I won't see Michael today until about bedtime, since he's at rehearsal directly after work. Which makes tonight a little hard, since my head's killing me ... and I don't know how to nap anymore.
I think we'll just do quesadillas for dinner. Something easy.

Mom was going to come up today ... but she needed to make an appointment, so I'll see her Sunday instead.

I battled ants last week. It was crazy. They mounted two separate battles. I, armed with my trusty, organic spray, thoroughly trounced them. ... In other news, the dishes are all done. (Though it was months-old Skittles they were after).

My kids say funny things.

Yesterday, Bucket was aghast that I didn't have a costume of any kind (Sad, I know.)...

Bucket: Wait!! You can go dressed up as a mommy who says, "BLAST IT! I forgot to grab your treat bags!"
(Which, as you can guess, I had just said, moments before.)

Dang it, Bruise has been having some great comments. And, my brain is now too foggy and aching to remember them. Dang it.

Well, be assured that my son is hilarious. And that I'm a crap mom for not writing it all down. Drat.

Bubbles is waving and giving high-fives. She's started babbling and singing more.
I think her favorite song is the theme to Star Trek (with Cpt. Picard). I had to sing it to her, as best I could, to get her to finish eating her cereal last night.

Okay. I think I'm going to take a nap. Or a steamy shower ... to get rid of all the gross that's living in my sinuses today.

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