Friday, December 14, 2012

What. The. Hell.

Okay, I'll admit that the shooting in the Clackmas Town Center was unnerving.
Because, yes, as an Oregonian girl, I've been there.
And you don't ever think to fear for your life when you're Christmas shopping (now, maybe trying to get a parking spot ...).

But ... I cannot even fathom of what a person would think of to go into an elementary school to start a shooting spree.

I ... have no words, really. I feel awful, sick at heart, for these families who are so affected by one person's selfish, evil actions.
I also agree with many others that the media is just doing too, too much.
You do not interview an 8-year-old who just escaped from a situation like that.

I don't care how much it benefits your bottom line. You need to show respect for the grieving families.

... I still ... I can't imagine what could cause anyone to do anything like this.

The only explanation that starts to make sense is demonic possession. And I'm not using that lightly.

I don't think gun control is the answer. These are criminals doing evil things. They're not going to stop just because it's hard to get a gun.
The man who opened fire on the Clackmas Town Center food court stole that weapon.

I think that there are a couple things that will help ...

As Michael says, we need to get focus onto the family. We need to love each other more.

I also think that we need to remove the stigma from mental issues. Stop judging. If there's a chemical imbalance, we're not helping by making it seem like it's a choice that someone is making.
I highly doubt that anyone WANTS to be depressed or suffer like that.

Remove that stigma so people won't feel like failures for needing help.
And make it possible for them to get help.

It's crap like this that makes me want to defund Congress IMMEDIATELY and put that money to work IMMEDIATELY.
If we could prevent horrible things like this happening ... wouldn't it be worth it?

I wish that I could have just prayed harder or something ... but how could I ever conceive of such a thing happening?

I feel blindsided.
And so, so sorry for the families and friends of those who shouldn't have died today.
Their poor community.

I snuggled Bubbles once she woke up from her nap.
I was tempted to go pick up Bruise and Bucket from school ... but I refrained.
I will snuggle them as soon as they're home. Within an inch of their lives.

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