Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'll come up with clever titles ... later.

So, I did a couple loads of dishes yesterday. And most of the laundry's gone through the washer.

My phone is still being weird ... It'll charge and shut itself off. Which, if I weren't waking up in the middle of the night, could be problematic, since I use my alarms to (1) wake up/know when I need to start getting out of bed, (2) know when to send the kids out to the bus ... in case I'm not watching the clocks, and (3) know when the kids are loading on the bus after school, so I can make sure to be home and have the door unlocked for them.

Also, it's nicest when my phone's turned on, so I can more accurately keep track of when Bubbles is waking during the night and when she's nursing. Just so I know.

Probably my best response last night, as Bucket smacked her brother ... since he, somehow, made her mad as we were JUST ABOUT to start delivering Christmas cookie plates to folks (well, we took them to almost everyone. One gal wasn't home. And one ... is gluten-intolerant. Whoops! But she appreciated the gesture. Even though I felt like a jerk. But, in my defense, I didn't know before. Now I do)...

"Start behaving so I can get in the dang spirit of Christmas!!"

Yes ... I am JUST that good.

Bruise was in fine form, asking, "Can we say 'Here are your free cookies??'"
"Um ... how's about we just say 'Merry Christmas!!'?"

Bubbles was getting a little cranky. At the next to last drop-off, as Michael and the kids went to take the cookies, I crawled over a seat to perch and nurse Bubbles. Who, apparently, was pretty upset ... and wouldn't keep a latch.
Michael got back to the van and, as I started to put myself away, questioned, "Are you feeding her??"

I think it had just been a long day for everyone. Normally, he takes it in stride when I pull nursing shenanigans like that. (Whoa ... I just spelled "shenanigans" correctly on the first try. Do I get brownie points for that? Or just brownies ... I'm not picky.)

Also, last night, as we were relaxing before bed (and trying to get Bubbles to settle down for sleep ... ended up just putting her in her bed and letting her fuss herself to sleep. For all of, what, five minutes? Then she was OUT. For about 6.25 hours. Nice!), we were watching a couple episodes of "That Mitchell and Webb Look."
It's a sketch comedy bit from Britain. Not always the safest for kiddos. But it's pretty entertaining.
One recurring (had to look the spelling of THAT up. Ugh.) sketch is the game show "Numberwang."
Seriously entertaining for me ... because you CANNOT figure out the rules. Just go watch a bit on YouTube. ... And, on an episode that I watched last night, it was "N├╝mberwang" ... YES, IN GERMAN.
Maybe even more nonsensical ... hard to tell. And they did a "Wordwang" ... just with words, instead of numbers. Very fun.

There were ants all over the cutlery drawer this morning. So, the cutlery tray AND all the cutlery are going through the dishwasher this morning.
In other news, almost all the dishes are clean now!

I'm about 3/4 through "The Mansion" (a short story that President Thomas S. Monson reads ever Christmas). If I get through it this morning, I can start "A Christmas Carol" and a few other things that will, hopefully, get me into the spirit of the season. (Though, honestly, I'm on pins and needles for payday. I want to buy someone a duck or bees or something from Heifer.org. ... I like to give something useful.)

As the kids left for the bus this morning, we found that another family at church had the same plans that we did yesterday evening. We received a plate of cookies, too! I'm sure that the kiddos will enjoy those this afternoon.

I pulled out some board books to read with Bubbles (I'll admit, I'm not as good at that as I should be) ... and, golly, did I feel guilty. As soon as she saw books!! for her!! She was all excited wiggles and smiles. Guess I know what to pack for her for Sacrament meeting at church, huh?
And, at the same time, it's good to know that she takes after me in that regard, right?
I wonder if she'll start reading before Bucket did?

Well, I should go move laundry (so I'll be sure to have clean underoos. Rather important, no?) and unload the dishwasher (so we'll have eating utensils again ... besides a plethora of baby spoons).

I think one thing that's bothering me is that, especially when I have a little to cart around at church, I start to feel like I'm just going through the motions. A big part is that I suck majorly at doing personal prayer and scripture study. Any advice on how to feel like I'm getting more than just a social boost when I go to church? (If nothing else, I know that in about nine more months, Bubbles will be in Nursery ... and I'll get to go to Sunday School. Especially since I'll have no excuse for missing it. Is there a good personal study guided-type site that you like? Just trying to get ideas. Thanks.)

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