Monday, October 15, 2012

Crazy Dream Chronicles: Oh, Canada ...

So, as usual, I don't remember ALL of what I dreamed ... because, well, don't get me wrong.
I LOVE you ... but I am NOT getting up at dark-thirty AM just to write down a crazy dream.
I NEED my sleep.
My kids will agree.


Here's the gist of it ...

There was a group of travelers. They were backpacking/camping.
One of the campers had his girlfriend with him as they were in the ITBC - International Territory of British Columbia. (No, it's not really a thing. I mean, British Columbia IS real. I've been there. I loved Victoria, BC. But the ITBC is NOT a real thing.)

Her name is Anna Baldwin.

As she spooned him, apprehensive about camping in the open, under a canopy of dark firs, he told her about spooky stories of the area.

When the camp woke up later, she was gone.
No trace of where she could have gone.

They met up with a scientist (who was relating this story to me, in my dream) and no one could figure out where she went.

And, I woke up wondering which would be freakier .... if all her stuff had been left with the camp.
Or ... if none of her stuff was there ... like she'd never been there at all ... the spot where she had lain or where her chair had been were completely undisturbed ...

Then, I had to wonder about my sanity ... asking myself a question like that in the middle of the night.

But, yeah ... I do find myself wondering, in real life, what happens to people who've just disappeared?
Not the ones who've run away or been kidnapped, but the ones who are there and then aren't at all ...

Like Oliver Larch ... he went out one winter night to fetch water from the family's well ...  His footsteps in the snow just ... stopped. And they could hear cries of help ... but couldn't reach him at all. Since they were coming from the sky.

SERIOUSLY, this kind of stuff kinda freaks me out.

And then I have to dream about it ... what gives?

I have no idea what's supposed to have happened to this Anna Baldwin who disappeared in my dream. I have no idea why my brain made up a fake place for her to disappear in.

Of course, I suppose it would be even stranger if, when I DID look up the particulars, there WERE a real case with Anna Baldwin being a real person who disappeared in a real place.

... Why can't I just have regular odd dreams like NORMAL people?

(Well, if I did, then I really wouldn't think to write about them, now, would I? And then what would you do? ... Probably something much more productive. :P And what fun would THAT be?)

Still, I don't think that I want to go camping in the middle of the woods. I'll totally stick to campsites. Especially since there are TOILETS. And SHOWERS.

And, well, if you know a blonde gal named Anna Baldwin ... tell her to dump her jerk of a boyfriend and stay out of the woods. Just because some mental is worried about her.

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