Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stuff my Son Says

Bruise ... has such funny ways of describing things.

And it's not helped by the fact that his diction is not the clearest.

Bruise: Mom, is Bri your friend that's FIRST?
Me: First at what?
Bruise: No, Mom. VERSED.
Me: ... Um ... Can you describe it to me?
Bruise: Your friend. She married a man and he was bad and now she's VERSED.
Me: OH!!! DIVORCED! Yes! ... But Bri is going to be married to a man who treats her well. She won't be divorced anymore. You're right.

And, then, we were talking about wedding outfits ...
Bruise wore his grey suit with a turquoise shirt. Bucket wore a deep turquoise chiffon dress.
I wore a dark teal cotton dress and those nude heels I keep talking about. :P

Me: And, can you grab those nude heels? Those ones that make me really tall?
Bucket: The ones that you're wearing for the wedding? That are peach colored?
Bruise: The ones that make you look like you're standing on your tippie-toes?
Me: YES! Those ones! Thanks!!

Things like this make being a mom a fun thing.

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