Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Part A and B

I had two crazy dreams:

In the first, I was a princess. A Disney Princess ... but a modern-day-type one.
Which, truth be told, is a lot more boring than you'd think.
You have to just go about your life, knowing that you're a princess ... but without the cool, poofy dresses or talking animals.

BUT, as I was being a princess, attending college (which was at my alma mater), my mom came to visit me.
She and I decided that we were tired of going out to lunch everywhere in town and that we were going to visit the gardens (which somehow replaced where, IRL, are tennis courts at my college).

I kept noticing boys, since I was a single princess.
However, though they all seemed like nice guys, none turned my head. So sad.

I was driving my minivan around (TOLD YOU being a modern-day princess is not all it's cut out to be!), looking for a parking spot.
One of the side doors came open randomly.
I hopped out and smeared one nail of my fresh, hot pink manicure.
AND I turned around to find that I was in front of a HUGE crowd, like a movie-premiere-red-carpet crowd. And they were laughing.
And a friend from high school, K, was there ... and she was wearing mittens on her feet.

My mom was aghast and SURE that K had told everyone about the door and my nail and THAT'S why there were laughing AT me.

Nonplussed, I pulled a Geoffery Chaucer (being the version of Chaucer in A Knight's Tale. As evidenced below:

See? Like THAT.)

And it didn't matter at all that I had a crappy van and nail polish smeared all over my left palm.

Mom and I got out of the van, beloved ... or, at least, respected.

As we were inside, we saw Prince Phillip.
Like Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora's prince.

And Mom was going to set us up ... but I told her that he's my best friend.


In my second dream, it started with me sitting in the middle-back of some pews in a much darker chapel.
There was a cat in my lap. Someone else's black cat jumped into my lap ... and I was petting both kitties.

There MIGHT have been more cats in my lap ... and my main concern was that I was now going to have the reputation as THE CAT LADY in the ward.

I went to a class ... somehow ended up at a movie theater.
I had Bubbles in my lap.

There was a game that I wanted to play. On my computer or a BIG phone.
But, since we were in a movie theater, I thought it (the light from the screen) would be distracting.

However, the people in front of us were WAY distracting.
Obviously, in the words of Shepherd Darrius Book, they are going to the "SPECIAL HELL."

This game was ... different.
It was like a cooking game? And a rearranging the fridge game? And a taking-ingredients-down-the-street-to-be-cooked-at-your-restaurant game?

Like I said ... it was ... odd.


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