Monday, December 17, 2012

Funny stuff my kids say

I don't know why I usually only have things to post that Bruise has said.

Bucket is quite a cut-up, too.

It's hilarious to see their senses of humor developing ... especially as they understand more and more.
So, say, reading Amelia Bedelia books is a totally FUN experience with them.

Bucket was making Marvel Superhero Squad characters out of construction paper.
As she showed one to Bruise, he quoted, "Hulk not understand!!"

THEN he started snickering as I was laughing. His snicker is great.

Earlier this weekend, I was sitting by Bucket, trying to get a movie to play.

"Why is it taking so loooong?!?" She monologued. "I love waiting. Except when I hate it. Then I start whining!! ... Why are you laughing? Are you laughing at me?!??"
Amid giggling, I choked out, "I love you."
"Why do you love me??"
"What," I asked. "Do you want me to hate you?"
"Yes. Yes, don't love me. You're supposed to hate me."
"Tough luck on that, girl!"

And parenting can get harder as they get smarter.
"Mom?" Bucket asked. "Remember how last night you told me to count to 300 so I would fall asleep?? I did count to 300. I counted by fives and tens."

And, after a family member passed some gas, Bucket asked, "What was that? Did they make that sound WITH THEIR BUTT?"

As we were putting together the gingerbread house last week, watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Special (It's not Christmas until I've watched that. And I need to watch it again, sans distraction. Preferably with popcorn and hot cocoa. Because, dammit, I NEED a little Christmas spirit.), Bucket turns and looks at one of our decorations on the table.
Yes, yes it is. That's why I bought that one.
(A couple years ago, I went to Hallmark after Christmas ... got ornaments for the kids. And, since the Charlie Brown Christmas decor was 50% off, I picked up the tree and a figurine of Linus. He's dressed as a shepherd. On the base it says, "That's what Christmas is all about."
I have it next to one of my nativities.)

Kids do say the darndest things. And that's one of the best things about being a parent (or an aunt/uncle or older cousin or whatever).

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