Saturday, July 03, 2010

Scammer Alert!

So, we were cold called (depsite being on the DoNotCall registry since, oh, WE BOUGHT OUR HOUSE THREE YEARS AGO, say) by a company.

I picked up the phone and got the opportunity to speak with a quite nice, albeit HEAVILY-ACCENTED (Seriously, I couldn't understand most things he said, bless his heart) man ... who was VERY, VERY interested in making my computer run faster.

I talked with him as he had me open my computer's EventViewer (eventvwr.exe ... who knew? ... Not me, obviously.) and scroll through and start COUNTING the errors and warnings. For an EXACT COUNT.
(Since I practically LIVE online, there were TONS of things to scroll through.)

Michael was suspicious (as was I ... calling across the room, "Hey, honey? Does this sound suspicious? No, I DON'T KNOW who's calling. Should I hang up? Oh, OKAY!!! *click!*) ...

And, after I hung up, they called back. We let it go to the answering machine.

And they called back AGAIN!

So, I let Michael deal with it.

Best part of it? Michael made the dude give him his contact information ... and the best quote from Michael, "That's what I'm TRYING to do. Now, are you going to tell me your number??"

Love that man of mine.

SO, if you get a call from Online PC Care, don't trust them. We checked out their website (easy to find, really) and it doesn't look very ... trustworthy.

However, the best part of that search was finding this story:
Quite entertaining. ^_^

Now, the question really is ... where did they get our number?

And WHY IN THE BLOODY FINGERS OF THE ZOMBIE BALLERINA NATRILLA did they think that calling people with an iota of intelligence (or, merely, internet access) would result in anything good for them?

So, if you need some fake phone numbers for the creepers in bars or something, let me know. I have a couple you can use. Especially if you pretend to be from New York. *significant look*
(Since, if you're going to be giving out a fake number, you might as well have a good cover story. And a number that you really want to be used. Heh heh heh.)

But, yeah. Thought you should be aware.

(Though, I'm sure that poor Torrus is a very nice man who has found himself in a very bad situation -- telemarketing. ... Which, if you're bored and don't mind some ... worldly humor, there's a game on AdultSwim's website where you play a telemarketer. I'm not wild about it. I prefer the Amateur Surgeon. Although it's HAAAAAAARD and frustrates me to no end. *sigh*)

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Tim Trent said...

I'm so glad you like the way I played with these folk! I wonder if he enjoyed the music?

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