Thursday, September 02, 2010

One quick thing ...

It had been a trying day. Besides working on my application, both kids got hurt.

Bucket cut her finger in the library. I don't know how.

And she pushed/knocked Bruise out of the car once we got home ... and he skinned his knee and bruised the other knee.

As I was telling Michael about our day, before rushing off to a YW meeting, I informed him about Bruise's knee.

Michael asked if Bucket did it on purpose.

"No," Bruise informed us. "It was an assident."

I love how he pronounces some words. Funny boy.

(In other news? Our Stake YW leaders love our young women very, very much. And they are all awesome, awesome ladies. As is our ward's YW presidency. YW is such an awesome calling. I love it. ^_^)

Okay. As you were.

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Jocelyn said...

Okay, so you lost me at all the cat dream talk. I just don't do cats.

But how funny that we both did an "In Which" post this weekend! I didn't see yours until now, so that proves I wasn't trying to copy you ;)

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