Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Best quote of the evening ...

Me: [to Bucket, as she's eating dinner] Do you like peas?

Bucket: I LOVE peas! They make my brain happy!!

... It kinda makes up for the fact that Bruise barely touched dinner.

In other news, the worst part about being a holds shelver (that's what I do when I volunteer. I shelve the books that people have on hold) is that you CAN'T check out any of the cool books that you see. (When I first volunteered at the library, I shelved the new books. And I was SPOILED! You could nab ALL THE BOOKS YOU WANTED! ... well, as long as you read them in two weeks ... since that's when they'd be due. Man, I had some varied reading during that 18 months. I'd just put anything that piqued my interest aside to check out. ... And I had tons of time, since I wasn't working and I didn't have kids ... though, at the end, I was heavily pregnant. But I still had tons of time to read.)

Now, when I see any books that catch my interest (and, yes, sometimes I DO judge a book by its cover), I have to actually *GASP!* remember the title or author or keywords and then put a hold on it when I get home.

Now, I saw TWO books that looked REALLY good that I hadn't seen before. I only remember ONE of them. *grrrrrumbles*

I don't remember much of ANYTHING. Except that I think it was a YA novel. And it was blue. ... I think it was blue ... I shelved a LOT of books ... and I was kept quite busy. I managed to get us all caught up on the holds by the time I left. I think I shelved ... um ... *counts* ... maybe seven or so carts. And I did run back a few times to check the carts in the back (the ones I hadn't gotten to yet) for holds for patrons.

And C, one of my library ladies, sent me home with some (unclaimed for MONTHS) goodies from the lost and found. A light jacket and a sweatshirt for Bucket. A jacket for Bruise. And a couple stuffed animals. Bucket's claimed the small dachshund ... and has branded it a chihuahua  ... since she REALLY loved the Skippyjohn Jones books. You know ... the whole, "My ears are too beeeeg for my head. My head is too beeeeg for my body. I am not a Siamese cat, I am a CHIHUAHUA!!!!" thing.

(Srsly, if you haven't read any of the Skippyjohn Jones books, HIE THEE AND GO READ(eth) THEM!!!!)
(No, really. They're WAY CUTE.)

Okay. It's time for me to close this up and read Scripture story and story-story (at present, still Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic). So I'd better get this show on the road.

Especially seeing as how Bruise is dressed up in his "How to Train Your Dragon" Toothless pajamas. Complete with hooded cape. And the hood has Toothless' face on it.

And he's getting squirrelly in it.

Oh dear, he's taken off flying with it.
(Not FLYING-flying ... just the regular 4-year-old "flying.")

Okay. Shutting up now! Gotta go!

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