Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been one week ...

Well ... almost a week, anyways, since I blogged. Sorry. I've been lazy and busy.

I didn't get the job I applied for. And I'm okay with that. It'll be nice to have time with my family. (Just like it would have been nice to have medical insurance and some extra money ... but I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it. ... I'm going to ENJOY the fact that I'll have this time to spend with my husband and kids.)

Tuesday ... what did I do? I didn't take the kids to storytime. They said they didn't want to go. So we stuck around the house. And I went jogging/walking with Jenny. ... That's all that I really remember. I've been pretty tired this week.

I did lube up my feet with Vaseline. No blisters! Yay! And it's cheap! ... And my feet are nice and soft, which is a plus. ^_^

Wednesday, Mom and I took the kids shopping for Halloween costumes instead of to storytime (the kids' choice!). We found their costumes right away. Exactly what they wanted. Bucket is going to be a "pink Misty cat" (aka - pink leopard-print cat) and Bruise is going to be Darth Vader.
I picked up Vitamins and iron supplements (to try and not be so tired).
Then we went to McDonald's where I was berated by a man in the parking lot. Oy.

Bruise had run around to my side of the van and opened my door for me. My side mirror bumped (lightly) the side mirror of the car next to ours. No damage was done. While we were walking into the restaurant, the guy (older ... 50s?) got out of his car and yelled, "THANKS FOR BUMPING MY CAR!!" all sarcastic-like.

I called back that I hadn't meant to and that there was no damage, but he was all out of sorts, "YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT!!!!!" And he was really upset.

It sounds stupid to complain about it, but I was really upset by it. I didn't TRY to hit his door. I parked inside the lines and had to SQUEEZE out of my door, since his car was so far over on the passenger side.

Before we left, Mom checked to see if his peach-colored car was still there. It wasn't.
I have an awesome Mom. Not only does she come up and watch the kids so I can volunteer ... and we can have fun together, but she also makes sure that the big-bad-bozo isn't going to tell me off anymore.
(I really worked at not bursting into tears. ... And really, it wasn't like I did a fender-bender or anything. *sigh*)

I got COMPLETELY caught up with the holds at the library ... so I had nothing to do. So I shelved the new books section (like old times) and came home with a bag full of books (like old times) ... though about half of them were from a trek upstairs so I could look at some books about running. Might as well know stuff from the experts ... since I really don't know what I'm doing. *lol* (But it's true.)

Thursday ... we went to storytime. And back home. And Jenny's blisters were really bad, so I went for a run on my own ... with the kids stuffed into the jogging stroller. (They've gotten heavier. I mean, it's been nearly a year ... :P) I only did over a mile around the park. I just wasn't feeling it. It's easier to push myself distance-wise when I'm running with Jenny. All the chatting makes the time go faster. And it's nice that SHE will keep track on her iPhone. ^_^

Friday ... I went and got waxed. It wasn't as painful. And it went a little faster. Always a plus. And then I fell into a funk. I don't know why. But it was a funk. After the kids went to bed, I made myself some chili-cheese burritos (I should have eaten earlier. But nothing much sounded good. I mean, I DID have some baby carrots with hummus in the afternoon ... And it was good) and Michael put on "School of Rock." ... Yeah, it's good that he gets me.
(Note to self: I need to buy Nacho Libre. Michael doesn't care for it, but it sure makes me laugh. Stretchy pants ... "They think I don't know a buttload of crap about the gospel, but I do" ... Good stuff.)

Saturday was our shopping day. We went to Fred Meyer (since I'm a closet hippie and have a soft spot for their natural foods section) and I bought Selenium capsules, organic coconut oil, and the BEST-TASTING Vitamin C. [This is the kind that my cousins would get. And I'd LOVE being at their place and eating one. Yum!]
Then we headed over to Win-Co. Then over to Costco ... where they had samples of Dave's Killer Bread. We have been buying it ... since they carry it at Costco. But they had a BIG BOOTH with all the kinds of bread featured. (Even Spelt and Rye breads! [Rye is low-gluten!] and they were GOOD!) The best, though was the Killer Sin Dawg ... which, when you slice it, is a whole-grain cinnamon roll.
Can you tell that I love free samples at Costco?

(Also, funny thing -- Bruise doesn't like Chili-Mac or Burritos, since he "doesn't like beans." But the boy LOVES him some Hummus!!!! Cracks me up. ^_^)

After we got home, Jenny stopped by (really, JUST AS WE GOT IN THE DOOR. Girl's got GOOD timing!) to let me borrow her copy of Mockingjay. (Seriously -- She gets me physically active AND lets me borrow books??? She's AWESOME. Totally rocks. ... AND she lets me play with her husband's Wii. [The kind maufactured by Nintendo. Not the FIGURATIVE Wii. That'd be SO WRONG. ... You're laughing, aren't you Jenny? :P])

(Yes, we have the 12-year-old-boy humor down pat. :P)

I got geared up (lubed my feet with Vaseline, put on my running shoes, grabbed my iPod and pedometer) and ran in the rain at the park. I did just shy of 2 miles in about a half-hour. With the walking around while we did errands, I had walked just over a mile and a half. So I counted that toward my total.

Oh ... Other errand that I almost forgot! I went to Borders and picked up the latest copy of Mental_Floss (BEST. MAGAZINE. EVER. -- I'm addicted to it, Glamour, and Allure. But Mental_Floss is really the awesomest. And the hardest to find.) and Changeless (sequel to Soulless ... which was a great read.) Yes, I WOULD enjoy some Victorian-era paranormal romance. Thank you!

And I also filed my nails into oval-tips (as opposed to the more rounded-square tips that they were) Friday afternoon. It's taking me a little to get used to them. They look nice. Just ... different, you know?

But, yes, Jenny's been a good example to me. She's gotten me out running. Even when she's not there to motivate me in person. ^_^
And I actually *GULP!* registered for my first 5K next month. Kinda exciting/terrifying.

BUT I GET A T-SHIRT! And I get to do it with Jenny. So, at least, I'm not there on my own! ^_^

This morning, after I got dressed and I was popping lunch into the slow cooker, I got a phone call. To sub in the Beehives (12-13 year-olds) class. And I did it!

I also broke the slow cooker ... it cracked as I was putting things in it. And Dianne, my excellent friend (I really DO have the best friends. I have such excellent taste in friends, if I may say so. And it IS my blog, so I shall!), let me know that I can easily replace the insert and/or the whole kit-caboodle at Goodwill for a VERY fair price!

Seriously, how do I get such EXCELLENT friends? I'm so flattered that they hang with me!
(I'm not completely unfortunate in appearance or demeanor ... but I totally don't deserve them. I'm glad that they love me regardless! Maybe it's my mad skillz at quoting movies?? :P)

And I had a meeting this evening. And I'm glad that it's over. I like having open slots of time. ^_^

Tomorrow, I need to get RE-CAUGHT UP on the dishes, vacuum, read to the kids ... make them read to ME, and (with luck) finish Mockingjay so I can return it to Jenny. I'd like to finish it this week, anyways. ^_^

So I'd better go do that, huh?

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Awesome Sauce said...


Finished it in 7 hours. T'was EPIC. I laughed. I cried. I PARTIED!

I am really enjoying your blog. ^_^ Didn't know you had one. Sweet surprises!

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