Friday, September 03, 2010

In which I need to clean up the house ...

To start out with, BRING ON (more of) THE CRAZY DREAM CHRONICLES!!!!

Seriously, what's up with my brain??
In my dream, Michael and I were ... somewhere. Not like it's important to the plot or anything. And I found a parrot. A white one. Like a Cockatoo ... but with a smooth-ish head, like an African Grey. And she was nice and had no home. And Ginger-cat was still alive (or else Diana-cat turned white, too) and I had to keep them from killing each other while I slept, since ... like ... I didn't have a big cage for the parrot. And, obvs, my dream-self is TSTL [too stupid to live ... like some characters in books and movies] enough to forget that I do have a cat carrier and could, you know, stick the cat in there.

(Besides, if the cat WERE Ginger, she avoids birds. Probably because of the EXTREMELY bad-tempered cockatiel we had that CHASED her around. Poor Gingi-cat)

STILL ... in the OTHER part of my dream. Michael and I were driving around. And we were driving along a bridge in the MIDDLE of a river. It didn't CROSS the water, it just went along the middle of it. Very scenic and all. And it was the middle of a dam or something. And, suddenly, the water was rising and getting into the bottom of the vehicle. And the it was like the car was actually a boat the whole time ... or something ... And we're scooping out the water as fast as we can. And the parrot is all wet, so I stick her in my shirt so she won't catch chill and die or something. And I'm floundering in the water in the bottom of the boat for all my lippie glosses and etc. from my purse, so that I can put them all back in my purse before we upend the boat and get rid of the last inch or so of water sloshing around the bottom of the boat.

What does it mean?????

Besides that, since I've only been up for about 90 minutes, I haven't done much. Lately, I've been finding it VERY HARD to get up in the morning.

I got up, blew my nose (EXCITING!!!!!), and came out of the bedroom. Checked email and am still in the process of checking facebook. Wished a friend a happy birthday (what would I do without facebook to remind me of the birthdays of friends that I don't already have memorized???) ...

As a bit of an aside, I really am loving Google. I mean, I usually am VERY stodgy about change. But I have developed faith in Google and their ability to make awesome things.
Yesterday I opted into trying out their new "Priority Inbox." This morning, they showed that their filters are pretty darn awesome. Nice!
I also updated my Google Calendar (since it's synced with my Cozi calendar, that works out really awesomely for me. And I now have a better idea of what all church activities are upcoming. Yay!

(Unfortunately, the local parenting ... newspaper/periodical thing isn't updated. So I don't know of all the community events. Yet.)

I am pleased to report that right now, even with Mother Nature looming ever-so-close on the horizon (if you know what I mean. And I'm sure that you do. Since I don't USUALLY yell at telemarketers, no matter their level of competence. Or lack thereof.), I am actually in a pretty good frame of mind. Even without taking Valerian.

I'm working hard to not berate myself about my body. And, you know what? It's really helping. When I notice that I don't look so great, I'm able to tell myself, "Well, it's most likely because you're a little bloated/ you just coughed until you threw up/the lighting isn't right ... because normally you look pretty awesome. Good for you!"

I'm also pleased to report that, since I had Michael give me a blessing (and, really, the priesthood is AWESOME. Just saying. Not that I want to hold it. No thanks, I have enough on my plate already!) , I have not gagged from coughing! Yay!!!!

Awww ... Bucket just made my bed for me! (Right now, with the weather, we're just sleeping under a duvet-wrapped down comforter ... but still!)

I still need to do the dishes ... but the kids have cleaned the living room pretty well. Now they're working on their room. We're doing the timer thing. It's working. Yay for that!

I also need to clean the dining room table (Most of which is the kids' dishes. We're still trying to get them to put their dishes in the sink after eating [ha ha ha. I was typing and I typed "reading" instead of "eating" ... We know where my priorities are. Ha ha ha.]) ... and scoop out the cat box. And tidy the bathrooms and the side table.counter.

But my desk is looking better. Yay!

In other [EXTREMELY GIRLY] news, I think I've become a convert to waxing. I know it sounds a little lazy, but it's REALLY nice (and makes my showers shorter) when I only have to shave my legs. Yes, things are growing back ... but all fine and light. And, since I never wear tank tops, it's not a huge deal there. And, really, I'm not showing people my other bits ... well, besides my husband, waxer, and doctor ... so that doesn't matter.

Yes, there is a little discomfort as some areas grow back ... but it's not the constant itching that accompanies shaving. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive. Oh well. As long as Michael says it's fine, I'm totally continuing. ^_^ And, if we had more money to throw around, I'd spring for my legs, too. I'm totally fine with admitting that I'm just that lazy. (But, HUGE PLUS? No razor burn and there's only been a few few ingrown hairs. Yay!)

Also, [Still girly/ bordering on TMI], I really am liking the Certain-Dri anti-perspirant. (Disclaimer: They don't know who I am at all. I did manage to pick up what I bought on sale, so that's a plus. But I had to pay for my products. They're worth it, though.) I have both the regular one [to use at night] and the "A.M. Refresher" ... it smells nice and goes on well.
I also am using the Secret Smooth Effects (in Satiny Tropical) that I bought on clearance. I like how it smells.
Honestly, this is a little embarassing. I was shelving books (and therefore perspiring, since you can work up a sweat and, honestly, I'm not in the best of shape anyways) and I was thinking, "Gosh! What is that smell?? It smells REALLY NICE!!" ... Then I realized that the wonderful aroma I had noticed ... was my deodorant.

Ha ha ha!!! At least it's better than realizing that you DON'T smell nice, right?
At least I wasn't accosting patrons to find out who smelled so nice. :P
(I don't do that. I mean, if I walk by someone and they look or smell especially nice, I'll let them know. It's NICE to get compliments! ... Truly, one gal, as Michael and I were walking around, had to roll down her window as she was stopped at a sign, so I could tell her how much I loved her haircut and how flattering it was on her. At least Michael finds it endearing that I do go out of my way to let people [especially women] know when they look good. ... Sometimes, people don't even notice when you're passing them and tell them how much you like their shirt or how good a color looks on them ... But, still, I've TRIED.)

But, yeah. That's probably more info than you wanted to know!

Oh ... and I'm TERRIBLY a lurker when I read blogs. I try to comment on my friends' ... especially now when one wonderful gal (I adore you, Jocelyn!) mentioned on facebook how much comments mean to her ... And really, I couldn't argue at all about the CRAVING ADULT INTERACTION bit. ^_^

Okay. Now I really SHOULD unload/reload the dishwasher, clean the table, do another load of laundry, clean off the counter, and ... oh, yeah, take a FREAKING SHOWER. I think everyone will be happier with me if I get that done.

Especially since Michael and I are going to take them out for a surprise. ^_^


Robin said...

haha, I love your part about your deodorant, when I got new deodorant (lady speed stick stainguard in daringly fresh) I totally did the same thing! I was surprised how great I smelled when I was working out! also a side note, the staingaurd does work, at least for me! you have such a fun blog to read!

Allanna said...

Robin, You're so sweet!
(And I'll have to try the stainguard. Daringly fresh ... sounds intriguing. Slightly dangerous. I wonder if I'd feel any bit like a femme fatale wearing it ... Hmmmm.)

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