Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Crap

So ... let's see ... what else is really new?

Bucket cut her hair the other day. A couple days after I got my hair cut. ... (Did I mention? I got my hair cut. It's shorter than I've ever had it before. I like it. I got the kids' approval before I went out and did it. I asked Michael if he cared. He doesn't. He likes me regardless of what my hair looks like. Bless the man. ^_^)
Here it is:

(Featuring my awesome Hello Kitty barrette ... which is, like, a DECADE OLD. Oy.)

So then Mom and I took her to get her hair fixed. All in all, her self-inflicted haircut could have been MUCH worse. She cut the hair on one side of her head. So she had ... chin-length bangs on ONE SIDE. I tried to even up the other side. ... I called Michael and talked it over with him. Let him get a look at her and all. Then we went to Precision Cuts and she got the "Young Dakota Fanning" bob. It's cute. It's different. She looks older and younger all at the same time.

Well, I've been all hormonal and having insomnia ... And having crazy dreams.

In the last one, one of my friends lost her (currently-in-utero) baby AND her mom died. On her mom's birthday.
Now, I've been a little worried for this friend. It isn't her first miscarriage. So I've been praying. And the kids are praying (though I haven't told them WHY. They just ask for a blessing for their Auntie [since I have a dearth of biological siblings, I just adopt my besties ^_^] in their nightly prayers.), too.

I knew that her mom couldn't have just died. Since her birthday already had passed. Phew. (Thank you, Facebook, for posting people's birthdays. Phew!)

And it looks like Michael will have to take that HUGE test again. Ugh.
I've cried about it already. And I think I can handle it.
(Though I am still praying and praying and praying and hoping and praying that some mistake was made and that these Standardized Test groups involved will find that some mistake was made [wrong answer key, perhaps?] and that he really DID pass and life will be good. He'll get a [MUCH DESERVED] raise and we can progress with our life. Instead of having to push his career plans back a year. *sigh* *looks up and fans eyes*)
It's just (more than) a little frustrating. 

I know it's stupid to whine about it ... but ... we pay our tithing. We work at following the commandments. Overall, we're decent people.

There must be something, SOMETHING BIG, that we're/I'm supposed to learn from this situation.
Hopefully, I figure out what the heck it is ... and LEARN IT. FAST.

She's still cute. And she's seeming to enjoy it ... Even though we CONSTANTLY remind her that if she wants a hair cut to TELL US and NOT DO IT HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!one!

I would report on what BOTH of the kids did in their Sunday School class last Sunday ... but I've somehow lost Bucket's paper!! *GASP!!*
Crappit .... I've just looked EVERYWHERE and I can't find it!!! D:

Well ... (I hope it turns up) ... The kids' lesson was obviously on "I can do many things." And they each got a notecard that listed what they can do. Bucket's answers included (but there were MORE!) "I can lay on the floor and take a nap." and "I can feed Diana-cat." and things like that. ... I have to find that card. It's driving me crazy!!

Bruise's answers cracked me up:
  • Play with robots.
  • Play with Star Wars Legos.
  • Play Star Wars game on the DPS.
(It's a Nintendo DS ... not a DPS. I think he got DVD, GPS, and Nintendo DS mixed up. Which makes sense going with how he refers to Star Wars characters: Dark Aver [Darth Vader], C330 [C-3PO], DR2 [R2-D2], and Bo Fett-Fett [Boba Fett].)

Of course, his sister calls the remote the "MA-rote," which is composed completely of pure adorablenessessence.

I managed to make it through this month without the return of the nasty allergies-turning-into-sinitus AGAIN. Yay for me, remembering to take allergy pills.
(I also managed to get, via a sweet Facebook link, a FREE Neti Pot. Which I am determined to try to use sometime this weekend. Wish me luck that I don't trigger my gag reflex or anything!)

We are taking a little break from the Oz books (Frank L. Baum. We've read though to "The Emerald City of Oz" ... which is where HE originally stopped the series. Then started up again.) and have been reading Roald Dahl to the kids. So far, we've done "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and "Esio Trot." ... We'll read "The Twits" and "The Magic Finger" next. Then we'll figure out where to go from there. Maybe "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle." Or Grimm's Fairy Tales or something like that. ... So many options. So little time ...

Yeah ... what else is there?  Um ... not a whole lot that I can think of. Sorry. I'm kinda boring and/or forgetful.

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