Friday, September 24, 2010

Four days later ...

Let's see ...

Monday I met my stalker. Ha ha ha. (See previous post. Totally harmless.)
I also read to the kiddos. We read a couple little books and THEIR NEW MAGAZINE!
(Mom got them a subscription to Zoolets, the Zoobooks for the 4-6 year-old set. Bucket LOVED it. We got to read ALL about ants. And, on their Facebook page, we got to watch videos of Humming birds, which the kids really enjoyed.)

Tuesday ... let's see ... we didn't go to storytime. I looked at the clock and it was ten minutes until it started. At the farther library here in town. And I hadn't gotten a shower or dressed in real clothes or anything. Oops.
We did get together with Jenny to go walking. And I found that my free pedometer/odometer says that I walked a shorter distance than Jenny's iPhone (with GPS). So, YAY! I've done more work than I thought! Whoo!!

H and I went Visiting Teaching that evening. We did visit one of the sisters we're assigned to. And we dropped by at another's house. She wasn't home. Oh well. And I mailed off letters for the ones that don't wish to be visited or called.
And I made it home in time for Glee! Yay!!!!! Glee, oh how I've missed you!

Wednesday, Mom came up. We went to storytime and McDonald's without any problems (well, I almost got into an accident. I should have been looking harder ... and the teen driver shouldn't be whipping around corners so quickly. It would have been my fault, though.)
Volunteering went well. I ran out of holds to shelve, so I tackled a cart of new books. And I nabbed only three of them. You should be so proud of me!

Michael had EQ business, so the kids and I did storytime by ourselves. It went pretty well.

Thursday ... was an off day for me. The kids woke up REALLY early. We went to storytime ... and I was SO frustrated that Bucket WOULD BARELY sing along or perform the actions to the songs (and, when she DID, it was with the attitude of St. Peter being crucified upside down upon the cross.) ... and Bruise was doing an AWESOME job singing and dancing.
But it was nice talking to the volunteer coordinator (I don't see her often at the library. And she's really awesome. All my library people are. Yup, I love my library).
I was feeling so off that I bought a present for a friend's baby shower ... but missed the shower.
Jenny and I did go walking around the mall (since it was too rainy to do laps around any of the parks) ... I forgot my pedometer and her GPS wouldn't work inside, so I don't know how FAR we walked, really. But we did walk for about an hour, pushing our strollers.
Still, at bedtime, I was pissy enough that we didn't read story-story last night. Poor kids.

They crawled in bed with me and we snoozed a bit this morning. At one point, I poked Bruise or something and he whispered, "Mom, you a wee-do [weirdo]." "You are one, too!" I whispered back. "Yeah," he agreed. Funny boy.
We went and Visit Taught the last sister on our route. H wasn't able to make it, so it was the munchkin brigade and me. It was nice to see C outside of church. And REALLY nice to get to talk to her and get to know her better. ^_^
Then the kids and I got back home and chillaxed until Michael got home. And I made sure to be ready to give blood. Turns out the last time I gave blood was back in 2002. No wonder I was nervous! :P
But my one vein is still good. And it's GREAT to be around people who WANT to be there and who enjoy what they're doing.
AND, I got to donate blood IN THE RED CROSS BUS! I've never been in one of the buses before. I've always been in a building (my high school, an ELKS Lodge, church ...) before.

I didn't get woozy at all. YAY!!!
And we got pizza for dinner.
And one of our friends in the ward came over so I could give her a Facebook tutorial. It was great getting to visit with her. She's been so busy, getting her daughter off to college and all.

Oh ... and I'm TOTALLY eligible to do double red blood cell donations! And that fact changes my overall goal weight.  Since you can't be under 150 and donate double red. I can totally handle that ... it'll make it a lot easier to reach THAT goal weight. ^_^

I think I've run out of things to blog. And just in time. Time to watch Valentine's Day with my wonderful husband.

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