Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another crazy dream ... Have at it!

So, in the LAST crazy dream that I had (last night), I had gone grocery shopping on my own.

I had gone to Win-Co. I did my shopping. I pushed my cart out of the store ....

.... And realized that I had NO. FLIPPING. CLUE. where I had parked.

So, there I am, pushing the cart up and down the rows of cars.

I saw my older two nieces, dressed in princess dresses, with my sister-in-law (their mom), who was wearing a Barbie-Pink turban (complete with glittering fake ruby), walking into PetCo.

I didn't want to attract their attention since I felt like a complete and total dweeb, searching for my car.

As I walked up another aisle of cars, a guy tried to grab my cart and make me give him MY groceries!
(Somehow my purse was on my arm and not IN the cart like usual, so I didn't have to worry about that.)
And I was pretty darn peeved about that. These were groceries that we bought with HARD-EARNED MONEY! And I was NOT going to let them go!!!

When the guy kept trying to take my groceries, I yelled at him to let go before I kicked his @$$.
(In my dream, I YELLED that phrase, I was SO MAD. I normally don't say that at all.)

And he did let me go ... to keep looking for my car.

And that's it. What do you think?
I know I have issues. Plenty of them.

Which ones does this dream showcase?

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