Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back in the Saddle ... not a literal saddle though. It'd be cool ... but it's not true.

We made it to storytime. I didn't even try to take a shower. I just reapplied deodorant and made sure I didn't stink. The kiddos stayed up near the front, listening to stories and songs (sometimes participating) and watching the puppet show. Bruise was THRILLED to sit with B and L, a couple of his friends from his class at church. It was cute, watching Bruise and Bucket, clutching Stripers and Black Misty-Cat (a toy tiger and a toy black panther, respectively), sitting with their pals.

Then I took them to McDonald's. It wasn't raining, so I figured they could play ... except that the outside walls in the play place enclosure were being painted. Oh well. We still had fun.

We got home and watched Fairie Tale Theater's version of Little Red Riding Hood. And I got a voicemail from Michael asking if we had any hot water yet. ... since his shower was cold that morning. What?
I checked. ... Nope. No hot water.

He did come home about an hour early to work on the water heater. We had to replace it. It's all done, since he's a total rock star.
I was totally virtuous by heating up water on the stove so I could wash the last of the dishes ... Yes, Virginia, there IS a time that I'm caught up with the dishes! Woooo!!!!

Bruise had a meltdown (mostly due to the fact that he was cranky from NOT taking a nap) because Daddy couldn't watch the Lego movie that we checked out from the library with them. RIGHT NOW. Poor guy.

Michael went and bought a water heater, took the old one out, and (with my help) got the new one situated ... when it was time to leave for his meeting. I had him eat first (Yes, I even made dinner. Go me! And this was without running water! And I cleaned the dinner dishes and got the dishwasher loaded, too! I KNOW! Crazy, huh??).

He did have me measure a pipe's diameter. He needed to buy some parts at Home Depot on his way home. I got it right. He got pipes put together and glued (since these are PVC pipes, not the huge and expensive metal ones). Then we waited and were able to turn the water back on. And waited for hot water ... which got fixed this morning. One of the wires had broken. But Michael fixed THAT ... and we got to have WARM SHOWERS today. And he came with us to storytime, which was fun.

Also, last night, when we first turned the water on, the kitchen sink's faucet was being all weird. We had fine water pressure from all the other faucets in the house ... Turns out that a bit of glue from the pipe that Michael put together got stuck in the aerator on the faucet. That was another quick fix.

I did manage to get together with my Jenny to go walking/jogging today. Her middle child and my munchkins played at a park while we did laps (GREAT DESIGN FOR A PARK, by the way. Totally awesome). She and I are both sporting blisters. She has two. I have one ... and some tenderness on the ball of one foot. It was great getting together with her. We got to visit AND work out. Go us!! Now we have to plan which 5Ks we want to do. We joked that we're only going to do ones with the best shirts. Ha ha ha. (At this point, I think doing ANY will be a good thing.) We did walk over 5K today. And it took us almost an hour. Then we let the kids play some more, she fed her youngest (who had peacefully napped in his stroller the whole time), and we walked back.

And, on the way home, I had a drink of water from my pink 1L bottle ... and the kids BEGGED for a drink, because they were SO THIRSTY. And then spilled 1L (minus an ounce or so) on the floor of my van. *sigh*
So I told them to stop talking. And next time, when I ASK them to wait until we get home, to ACTUALLY stop whining and wait. It's not like we were all that far from home! *sigh*

Jenny and I did plan that, when it IS raining, we'll have a back-up plan of doing laps around the mall. It'll be dry and we can use our smaller strollers. She will use her odometer on her iPhone (seriously, what apps DON'T they have?) and all will be well. ^_^

In other (related news) my legs and feet are SORE. And I need a shower.
And I get a HOT shower. ^_^ Yay!

I think that's really all that I have to write ...

Well, that and I think it'd be fun to Disco dance. Like the routines on SYTYCD. But I'm not in shape for that yet. I need to build up my stamina and endurance. But it would be AWESOME.

Yes, I like Disco music. DON'T JUDGE ME!

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