Thursday, September 02, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I ...

... Well, I did.

I waffled for about a week. Today I completed it. And a good portion of the stress in my life is over.

I updated my resume and I asked people to be references and I applied for a job.


If I do get the job, it'd be part-time. And I'd have benefits. Like HEALTH INSURANCE-type benefits.

Worst case scenarios:

  • I don't get the job at all.
  • I get interviewed but the job will be for a time that won't work in my schedule at all
    (since the kids are still at home and Michael works out of town)
  • WORST CASE POSSIBLE: They call me in just to laugh at me and strip me of my volunteer position at the library.
    (And I KNOW that THAT one is SO not going to happen. They love me!)
But, yeah. I spent a good portion of this afternoon getting my application all together and turned in.

And, while doing that, my blog came in VERY HANDY ... since I had blogged when I first started as a substitute shelver forever ago (in my life, BK ... you know, before kids. The LAST time I was employed at all). I really couldn't remember when it was that I had been hired. Lo and behold --- my blogging came in INVALUABLY!!

ALSO, while I was compiling my resume and everything (and FREAKING OUT), that DANG TELEMARKETER called AGAIN!
I mean, really???

I recognized the voice and the lag between my responses and his ... and the fact that he opened, "I'm calling about your computer" was also a giveaway.

I pretty much lost it as much as I ever have with a telemarketer.

Me: "NO. I do NOT want you to call us. I do NOT want to be on your calling list. Remove me from your calling list. ... Did you remove us? YES OR NO???"

Him: " ... ... Why are you talking like that?"


Him: " ... I am calling about your computer problem--"


Him: "I--"

Me: "DO NOT CALL US AGAIN!!" *click*

Yeah, don't mess with me when I'm writing up my resume! Especially if you're a SCAMMER --- I'm looking at YOU, Online PC Care!!!! With my best Stephen Colbert eyebrow-quirked-glare!!!!

But, yeah. I got it all done and submitted. Now we're just waiting ... and relaxing.

I'm SO glad to get that over with.
Please do ignore the fact that I really did put it off until nearly the last minute. The deadline for applicants is tomorrow. ... That's why I had to get it done TODAY.

But, yeah. ... In other news, I'm in a book slump. I have books checked out from the library. But I'm not at all motivated to read them. ... I don't often fall into a book slump.

The last time that I recall going into a book slump was a couple summers ago. And I read John Green's Looking for Alaska which was great. ... Probably I should sit down and devour my (AUTOGRAPHED!) copy of Joshilyn Jackson's Backseat Saints.

Well, until I decide, I am reading issues of Rachel Ray's cooking magazines.

... Oooooh ... Is there a new mental_Floss issue this month???? Hmmmmm.....

But, yes. That's what has been keeping me busy. Waffling about applying for a job opening and not reading.

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