Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey ... my nails and hair almost match!

Yeah, I got bored (obviously) and as cool as my sweet blonde streaks were ... I just wasn't happy with them.

So ... I colored my hair again.

It's dark brown (Revlon Cornsilk #30, to be exact. No, I had to buy it with my own money. And, really, it was the cheapest box. The only thing I would prefer? More than one conditioning treatment. Since their conditioner [which smells of ylang-ylang] works really well.) ... and it almost matches my nails, which I painted "Pat on the Black" (Sally Hansen. And, no, I had to buy that with my own money) ... which is a REALLY deep purple.

So, yeah, it's not an EXACT match, but it's close.

People at church did figure out it was me ... though a few did confess that they didn't know, at first, who was sitting with my husband. *lol*

But, yeah. When I get bored and in a bit of a funk (DEFINITELY a description of my Saturday self), coloring my hair helps. And doing my nails is a huge bonus. ... In fact, after I got back from church, I switched my toenail's polish ... it was old and chipping and fading. I went from a sweet, shimmery orange to a bold, blue-based shimmery pink.

Yes, I know. I live a VERY exciting life, no? :P

So, let's see ... Valentine's Day is a cute movie. It's kind of like He's Just Not That Into You ... but better. There's the same gimmick of multiple story lines ... but Gary Marshall made them really flow into each other more smoothly. So, yeah. That and Ashton Kutcher is growing on us. And, strangely enough, Jessica Biel is growing on me. (I still don't care much for Jessica Alba, though. She's gorgeous ... but I'm not overly impressed by her talent. I may eat my words on that someday.)

We went to the zoo on Saturday. It was CROWDED. We did get our member appreciation gift (this year, they had insulated lunchbags. Last year's gift was reusable tote bags with the Predators of the Serengeti logo. Useful, yes). They also gave out coupons for a free dino souvenir. And, gosh, but I had the HARDEST time with that. I'm not completely stupid, I'm aware ... but I read it as "free dino souvenir -- Yes, ANY souvenir!" And then it was only the OFFICIAL souvenirs ... pins or magnets (the bookmarks had sold out) and ONLY with a purchase.
I was just SO FRUSTRATED. I mean, we fought our way through the heavy flow people, against the direction of traffic, to the DANG gift shop and THEN there were ALL these hoops to jump through! (Or, at least, that's how it FELT) ... And Michael was grumpy ... so I got grumpy ... and, yes, there I was browsing through the gift shop, tears running down my face as I searched for something cheap to buy so my d*** kids could get a d*** free souvenir with that d*** coupon!!!!

So we got lollipops for a dollar each ... minus our 10% Zoo Member discount.
So, yeah, 89 cents and a healthy serving of tears and frustration.

And then we came home after going back through and seeing all the animals that we really wanted to see. We even went through the Dinosaur exhibit (animatronic dinosaurs) before it left.

We grabbed lunch at Taco Time (Burritos. YUM.) and I got the YW calendar done. And then it was time to get ready for the RS Broadcast. And ... I really didn't want to go. I was tired and frazzled and grumpy.
And I got asked, last minute, to drive another gal ... who then called up and cancelled while I fretted and fumed over how I couldn't do anything with my hair and I didn't want to wear a skirt ...
So I skipped it.

I know. I'm a BAD example. Don't follow me. PLEASE.

And, after I cheered up a bit (and put on pants again), I dropped off a DVD at the library and went and bought some hair color. We put the kids to bed and Michael put on a movie as I colored my hair.

It is a little darker than I thought it'd be ... but it's fun. It's almost black. And black hair IS WAY FUN. And it was fun to paint my nails a color that almost matches my hair. And now I have cute BRIGHT pink toes ... that almost match a lipgloss that I put on this afternoon.

And my hair is really soft. That makes me happy.

And, I learn that Michael likes dark brown hair on me better than medium-brown hair. Good to know.

I had a meeting after church -- Michael was able to take the kids home. PHEW! And I have ANOTHER meeting this evening. *sigh* Day of rest? I wish!
Oh well. At least next weekend is General Conference ... so we can listen in our jammies. *lol* Michael will have Priesthood session ... so I don't get to keep him around here for that. But I suppose that the kids and I will manage somehow.
Ooooooh. I need to get speakers before conference! I want to actually be able to hear the speakers over my little minions ANGELS.

But yeah ... I have different-colored hair. I like it. ... Now, if only it'd get past this awkward grow-out stage, everything would be awesome, right?

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Anonymous said...

You're cute... but ya shoulda gone to the General RS Meeting. I was there, and helped create a Gluten Free table. And you MISSED IT! :-( Oh well, maybe if you're nice I'll make you some GF Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I LOVE YOU!!! Your hair is so pretty and shiny!!!

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