Thursday, September 06, 2007

Testing, testing ...

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Well, what do you think?

Okay, funny thing to add -- Bruise just finished nursing, and, following my lead ... *snickers* ... he smacked his lips and went "Ahh-hh!" You know, "ahh-hh," like people do in soda commercials?!?!?

That has just about made up for most of today ... the kids and I are sick. A cold, really. And Bucket's ALL SNUFFED UP, Bruise has got the runny nose ... and Mommy?? Well, I'm snuffed up and have a sore throat which threatens to slump into laryngitis at any moment.
(It's days like this that I realize how much [and it's a LOT] I yell at my children. ... And if I ask nicely, they don't really listen, so it's really ... um ... FRUSTRATING. Because I don't want to be "the mom that yelled," but I'm at a little bit of a loss to figure out how to discipline these ankle-biters without devouring them ... like hamsters do. Ew.)
Oh. And she threw up on me this morning. Yeah.

Good thing I was planning on doing laundry anyways.

But, yes, with a house full of sickies, well, the kiddos are whiney (Bucket won't let me leave the room without breaking into Ear. Splitting. Shrieks. Of. DOOM!!! and crying, the incessant crying!

And Bruise? Well, overall, he's not terrible ... but he keeps switching. On. And. Off. The. Television. Which drives me CRAZY. Or then he'll pull out videos and DVDs, which he KNOWS are VERBOTEN. *dramatic headshake*

I will live. I will handle this. I will take deep, calming, cleansing breaths. I will recite scriptures in my head (and since I'm not a historian, I'm rather limited. Oh well. Maybe, amid the ... like, THREE*... that I know, I'll make up some good ones.), and take my little darlings (no matter how much my teeth are clenching as I say it, it still counts to say "my darlings," right?) and hug them and cuddle them.
Because they do deserve it. They're good kids. Good kids who occasionally drive. Me. INSANE.
But i do love them. And they deserve to have a mommy that's not raising her voice all. The. Frakkin'. TIME.

So, um, don't mind me. Just listen to Bucket coughing and ... EXERCISING her lungs, keep an eye on Bruise ... and I'll just relax here in my steaming tub o' guilt-a-plenty.

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fold my laundry please said...

I hate being sick at the same time as the kids! Actually, I just hate being sick and still having to be the mommy! A couple of months ago I got sick with Influenza A. I was officially quarantined by the doctor, but I still had to be mommy. I mostly just sat in the La-Z-Boy, cried because I was in so much pain, passed out graham crackers and raisins to any short people that happened by, and watched TLC for about two straight weeks. It was really, really fun. You should try it some time! :) I hope you guys feel better soon!

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