Thursday, September 20, 2007

What brings you here?

So I finally figured out how to check my google analytics ... see how popular (or not) I am.

There's an option to see what keywords people look for that end up bringing them to my blog. Cool. Let's see what they're looking for ...

1. llannalee - Well, that's easy. It's ME! I mean, really. So far, it's a very unique username. Good for my mom, spelunking my name (i.e., adding that second 'L'). It makes me extra special.

2. boobage - Well, I am a bit of a lactivist. And I am ... more than moderately endowed. Ooooo-kay. I can kinda see why people found my blog this way.

3. tight boys - What. The. H. I only have one boy. And one husband. And they're both generous.
And I have this sneaky, nagging feeling that that term is a p()rn-type search. *shudders* I feel unclean just contemplating what MIGHT be going through someone's mind.
Okay, I'm NOT THINKING ABOUT IT. I'm thinking of happy things: baby giggles, fluffy white kittens, the sacred cow loves you .... (Those last two are what I chanted to my Ty-bro so he wouldn't puke [on or toward me] on a ride at the county fair about ten years back.)

4. wink em game - Ha! I recognize that! I don't know it whoever did the search was trying to read this post, but that's where they'd end up!

5. - Huh. I have no idea why THAT would bring you here.
Except maybe for the simple fact that it's, oh, my address here in the blogosphere.

6. iPod stenches - I don't notice any coming from my iPod. But I do have some stenches around here -- like, um, did I mention that my cats started using a bath mat for a litter pan? A bath mat located in our CARPETED bathroom?!?
But that has NOTHING to do with my iPod. Unless I throw it at them. Which I wouldn't. Because I loves it. It's my presssssssssshiousssssssssss. *furtive glances*

7. my girlfriend had to pee in the car on the first date - Um ... how special for you? I think that this might be a better option. And, I wonder, did it create a special bond? Are you two still together? Inquiring minds want to know.

8. winking guy - See story for number four. It'd be that same post.

As far as referrals, Melissa and Kari send most people my way (and, have I mentioned how pretty and delightful they are? And what fantabulous mothers they are? Not that I'm sucking up. It's totally true.)
However, I'm tickled that people have come here through mental_floss and Mormon Mommy Wars. I feel so ... I don't know. Tickled describes it well. ^_^ Maybe special covers it too.

Well, however you got here, I hope that you're enjoying stuff. And if you don't enjoy it ... well, I just blog because I like it. And I'm sorry that we don't see eye-to-eye on what is worthwhile content. (Not that I always feel that all my content is worthwhile, per se.)

I blog so that my head doesn't implode. And because I'm kinda anti-social and don't get out a lot. And I do want to keep a record that I DO have thought processes in my head. It's not all just diapers and "deets." (If you're all, "Deet?!?", then just read the previous post. You'll get it. It's a Bruise-and-Bucket-ism.)

As you were.

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