Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things that make me happy: Mi Familia Video Extravaganza!!!!

Here are some videos that I've taken of the kidlets.

In the first one, they are clever ... and then lose interest in my quickly.
And you can witness that I've raised me a couple of bookworms. ^_^

However, I LOVE that Bruise's last wave. He's hilarious.

In the second one, I ask a lot of questions and (occasionally) get some answers.
And Bucket and I discuss some books.
And she refuses do show me where her butt is.

In our third installment, Bucket plays all sweet and innocent. And Bruise hogs him some limelight.

Fourth video, Bruise dances.

Fifth (and final!) video, Bruise juggles. And you hear how I sounded without a voice.
Yes, I sounded that bad. (It hurts my throat just to listen to myself.)

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