Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I can't think of anything creative.

There's an update on the Kevin investigation:
--In short, a sixteen year-old has been arrested, charged with Kevin's murder.
Is this the guy that Kevin was giving a ride home? The kid's 16. How in holy hell does a sixteen year-old get it in his head to KILL somebody?? Let alone someone doing something NICE for him?

Gah. The world is one effed-up place. It just pisses me off.

And I have to try and raise my children in it.

Don't get me wrong. The world can be a LOVELY place. I know that. But, right now, with crap like this happening? *sigh* I just ... I don't want to lose my faith in people. But, with stuff like this, it's tempting.

Still, there are GOOD things in the world: Free Hugs, this recent story about taking a stand, things like this. They melt my poor, cold heart a little and make me feel like the world might not be a truly lost and depraved place after all.

I mean, I know that we have to have opposition. But ... sometimes you can't see the light for all the dark.
And then, somehow, there's something to change your perspective.

(But Ultimate Warranty, that car warranty company? They still SUCK. Even the service guy at Honda totally agrees with me. So, do me a favor. Spread the word. If anyone's thinking of using them, tell them NOT to. Let them go with a company that will do a good job and take care of them. From what the service guy said, National and GE are GOOD companies in his experience. NOT Ultimate.)

In other news, Michael and I watched Beauty and the Gee last night. I'm looking forward to it. Except that I won't be able to watch it Tuesday nights, since that's when House and Bones will be on as of next week. *deep martyr sigh* So I hope that the CW's website will have full episodes on there. (It's how I watched that show they had about the next Pussycat Doll. I'm still bummed that Chelsea or Melissa didn't get it.)

Also, Bruise and Bucket did well today. I took them to their cousins' house so Auntie A could watch them. Besides eating for about one-quarter of the time they were there (I'm thinking they're having another growth spurt.), Bruise had one tantrum. And since I left quickly (I was running late) and Bucket couldn't see me through the wooden door, she was fine with my leaving. AND A loved how I did Bucket's hair. ^_^ That made me feel good.

If I remember correctly, Grandpa I's funeral is today. I'm sorry that Michael couldn't go.

And Robert Jordan died yesterday. He was the favorite author of one of my crushes from high school. Neil Gaiman was a friend of his (Jordan, not my friend ... but that would have been an even cooler reason to pine for that guy. :P).

It seems like everyone is dying.
The only good thing is that it makes me gentler with Bruise and Bucket, since it's hit me how short and precious life can be. If I can remember this, maybe they won't remember me yelling at them ALL. DAY. LONG.

I wish I didn't yell so much.
Like ever. They deserve kind words all the time. Even when I'm frustrated that so-and-so has taken off his/her diaper and PEED all over his/her sheets for the umpteetnth time TODAY. Or when someone isn't listening and getting into things that s/he shouldn't be messing with (catbox/toilet paper/ant killer, anyone?).

At least, during the last few days, I've been trying to work on raising my voice less and giving more hugs.
But, on the other hand, the kiddos have been watching a lot more PBS. However, I think I'm doing a good job raising them ... They know that when the opening credits for Barney and Friends start, it's time to turn off the television. And they can turn it off and NOT get reprimanded.
In fact, they're PRAISED and ADORED in this instance.

And I can handle DragonTales. I love Sesame Street and Bob the Builder. I only wish that Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was on in the mornings and not when they're napping.
Dang it, I wish that Mr. Rogers' was on all freakin' DAY. And maybe all night, too.

Well, I guess that I could handle Fred Rogers all day ... and Bob Ross could be on at night. You could call it the "Uplift and Mellow Out" channel. They could throw in some episodes of The Cosby Show in there too. With plenty of Bill Cosby's Jell-O commercials. Gosh, I MISS those Jell-O Pudding Pop commericals. SO bad.

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