Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some things that suck:

1. Michael's Southern grandfather passed away today.
He and Grandma I were going to come to CA for Thanksgiving. We were looking forward to having the munchkins meet them.

And that makes me sad. Since Bucket and Bruise didn't get to meet MY Pop-pop ... and now they aren't able to meet Grandpa I ... it really sucks.

2. the van still isn't fixed yet. It's coming up on two weeks now. NOT the dealer's/repair-people's fault. No, it warranty people are just being dillholes. Pray for them to either (1) get over themselves and do what we've paid them to do or (2) be eaten, slowly by carnivorous, sentient lichen ... and that whoever takes over for them is speedy about getting stuff done. And done right. And done right well.

3. The kiddos like taking off their diapers. Bruise climbed out of HIS crib, into HIS SISTER'S, and took his boy-part out of his diaper and SOAKED her bed. What the H?? At 6 in the morning. What the H??

So, yeah.
I'll be posting again in a sec. Happy, fun things.

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fold my laundry please said...

I'm gonna pray for the carnivorous sentient lichen attack! That would be awesome!

I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa. My oldest is the only one who's been able to meet my grandfather and with his current state of health, I really don't think any of my other children will get the chance. It's such a shame.

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