Monday, September 03, 2007

Just to brag ...

So, while my mom was up, I had to buy diapers.
With the sale and the use of a couple coupons, instead of paying $28 for 94 diapers, I got 120 diapers for $14.

Yeah, I'm da bomb.

Now, so you know I'm not all that into myself as being all that and a bag of chips, when one of my (thin) sisters-in-law saw me Saturday and remarked, "You're so skinny!!", all I really could think was, "Okay, is that in comparison to when I was all pregnanted? Or was I really, really fat recently? Since I really haven't lost THAT much weight."
And I promptly plunged myself into yet another new Hell.

But to make things better, I was looking at a couple of pictures that my mother-in-law took ... and da-yum!! (Yes, I do curse. I know it's bad. But I do it anyways, sometimes.) But, really! My legs (my calves, anyways, since that's what you can see) are looking HOTT!! (Yes, it NEEDS that second 't' in there. 'Cause those gams are lookin' good.)

And to balance that out, I still wish that I lost all that weight in my booty. And the back of my thighs. Especially in the butthigh area.

But, on the other hand, (there are other fingers. [Couldn't resist!!]) my arms are looking better.

So, yes. I'm still same ol' me. Trying to be optimistic ... and failing to be anything but my harshest critic. (Well, I think I might have had one harsher critic. But she doesn't count because she doesn't matter. Yes, I'm just that unChristlike. But, hey, at least I'm not beating myself up and questioning if I really do have, at best, the public speaking skills of a semi-mute second-grader. Anymore.)

So, um, yeah. That's most of what's happening.
When we're not trying to see if anyone's open to fix the van on a holiday.
(Answer: No, they're not. Tough beans. Michael will stay home for at least part of the day tomorrow and we'll find someplace when people are at work again.)

So, yes. That's how life is.
At least I got the best deal EVER on diapers. Woot for me!

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fold my laundry please said...

Awesome deal on the diapers! I'm a coupon fanatic, mostly when it comes to things like cleaning products and toiletries, so I definitely applaud a good deal! The best deal, however, was my Uncle Victor. He walked into the store, bought ice cream on sale, handed over his coupon, and the store had to pay him fifty cents! ice cream! I don't think there's any calories in it if it's free!

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