Monday, September 17, 2007

Updates ...

First, My friend's brother is still missing.

Here's the news story with one picture:

And here's one picture (the youngest guy) and another picture(the guy. Easy to tell on this one).

But they've found Kevin's truck out near Tiller (read: the boonies ... and the next main town from the party he left), but they haven't found him. There's a helicopter search and rescue and three search parties looking for him.

Mer's family is ... well, her mom's exhausted and her dad's not eating or sleeping until Kevin's found. Pray that he's safe, okay?

And, on the other hand of updates, the van's running well and the videos that i posted of the kidlets should work now. And my uncle's out of the hospital. We still can't get to Grandpa I's funeral ... but we knew that.

So, thanks for your prayers. And keep them up. Mer's family needs all the prayers that they can get at this point. Thanks.

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