Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another update about Kevin's investigation:

And something cute and happy and nice to balance this blog out --
Bruise came over and grabbed out the Boppy (yes, they're 20 months and still nursing. What??). I asked him if he wanted water or "deet" (their word for nursing ... since I would ask them, "Do you want to eat?" ... which digressed to "Wanta-eet?" ... and now we just call it "Deets.").

Bucket, in front of the TV, watching Sesame Street, RACES over with her declaration of "I WAN DEET!!"

Nice job!

I'm still doing better at not yelling so much. Wish me luck keeping it up. And I'm working with Bruise ... when he grunts/whimpers at me, I try to translate it into words. So, maybe, he'll start to use his words more often.

Another cute thing ... when the kidlets are eating something they find especially good, they'll do that "Mmmmmmmmm"-sound. I especially like it when they do it when I've cooked something. From scratch.

Or else, when Bruise is ... upset, Bucket will come to me and say, "Bruu kwai." (So, if I didn't know, what with him screaming in front of me ... :P) And I'll tell her, "Yes, Bruise IS crying. Do you think he's sad/mad/upset/frustrated?"

However, yesterday, Bruise did something that we've TRIED to prevent from happening.
I had taken a tray of chicken nuggets out of the oven and put them on the stove.
Yeah, Bruise reached up to try to get some. He cried and got hugs and some cool water on both hands (he reached only with his right) and a dropper of Tylenol. He's fine.

But things like this are why Michael and I will be grey and wrinkled LONG before our time.

STILL, we try OVER and OVER to teach the kidlets NOT TO TOUCH THE STOVE/OVEN. It's HOT. It will HURT.

But, hey, give me credit. I didn't say, "I told you so." I tried to say, "Oh. That hurt and surprised you. Yeah, the oven is HOT. It's not safe to touch it. I'm sorry that it hurt you."

See, I told you I'm doing better. Let's hope that I continue this. Since the other good habit I was working on (working out) has been waylaid. (Being sick for a week ... not conducive to keeping up good exercise habits.)

Oh, and the cats have been using the bathmat in our (carpeted) master bath for their potty breaks. Stupid-heads. I'm SO ready to rip up that carpet. Seriously, putting carpet in a bathroom ... NOT over a sealed floor? NOT such a good idea. If I had some sealant, I'd rip up the carpet and seal that floor TODAY.
And set the cats up with catheters. Grrrrr.

I think that's all I have to say for today (so far, anyways).

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