Thursday, September 13, 2007

Say "Cheese!" ... It's PICTURE TIME!

Hello, my darlings! Yes, I'm back ... I didn't slice off a finger or disembowel myself when I was chopping up an onion or the celery or carrots in the soup. And it was good soup. Michael ever said so!

For being so patient and lovely, I've decided that it's more than time to post pictures. So ... YAAAAY!!! *insert waving arms a la Kermit D. Frog*

Of course, I shall narrate the pictures. Because I'm all about gilding the lily when it comes to my children's pictures. :P

Bath time:

Do you think that Bucket's at all excited for bathtime?

Nah, me neither.


Hugging makes the world a better place. Even bathtime ... and, believe you me, from what the kidlets do and say? Bathtime is nigh impossible to improve.

But don't you agree that if everyone gave and got more hugs that the world would be a better place? And even more earth-shattering and wondrous would be if some of those hugs were with a panda! Seriously. Ask Neil Gaiman. He'll totally back me up on this one.


"Yo, yo, mah peeps. Whaddup?"
Seriously ... I think my little boy is about the cutest in the universe sometimes.
Okay, like 98% of the time. (When he's whining and screaming and trantruming ... well, then I might buy that there are sweeter, cuter little boys. Maybe.)


And we couldn't leave BUCKET out! No, no. No one puts Bucket in a corner!
Besides Mutti (my mom)'s glasses are the BEST for adorable baby pictures.

I mean, really, don't you agree?
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Besides that, I'm still getting better. I'm coughing ... but my nose isn't all stuffy and I've gotten my voice (almost completely) back.
The van's still in the shop because the warranty company's trying to pull a bit of a fast one on us ("Sure, we agreed to pay for the repair! We got you a used transmission. But we don't want to pay for the diagnostic or the flush!" ... Um, yeah. But those are PART OF THE REPAIRS. Seriously people. Just suck it up and let me get my van back. And you better pray that that transmission, with its one-year warranty, works until this warranty runs out. Grrr.

That and I woke up to Bruise screaming ... he had climbed from his crib into Bucket's ... and then SOAKED himself and her sheet. Honestly ... and oh, it was 6:30 in the morning. When they sleep normally until at least 7 or 7:30 ... 8 or 8:30 if I'm lucky.


But, really ... besides those two blips (the van and the plague) ... and money being tight (but, really, who ISN'T it tight for? --- And if you can answer, "Me," in all honesty ... um ... pass some my way, okay? Then we'll pay off the van, which will allow us to pay off Michael's loan, and then we can work towards paying off the house. And life will be happy and carefree and I can buy books -- lots of books -- and have college accounts for the kidlets and a nice, solid savings account, and a retirement account. And I won't worry at all ever again ... Until I start freaking out about something else. :P)

So, yeah. Things are okay.

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