Thursday, September 06, 2007

In other news ...

I know I'm late in posting this. My bad.

BUT --- Yesterday, Bruise was all grunting and grabbing his diaper. So I asked him if he needed a clean diaper.

B: Diaper??
Me: Do you want a diaper change?
B: Diaper??!? *runs off down the hall to the bathroom door and starts pounding on it*
Me: You wanna use the potty?
B: *pounds until I open the door* Diaper!!

Then we get his clothes off ... his diaper is full of poo ... and he proudly sits on the potty ... and we wait a few minutes. Bucket comes in to see what's going on. SHE wants to sit on the potty, too. Well, tough.

Bruise gets up, I wipe off his poo-encrusted buttocks (He's gonna LOVE this post when he's older. Oh, yes).

I take a glance over ... Well, I'll be! He's gone potty in the potty!!
So I congratulate him, we exchange some high-fives ... and life is good.

Well, until he starts dragging out the videos again. :P

But still, I suppose that this means that I'm going to have to be on top of things, potty-wise. *sigh*

God give me strength.

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