Sunday, September 02, 2007

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As the kidlets grow, they just get more and more fun. Usually. If it weren't for the tantrums that start coming, I think that I'd love them nearly as much as they deserve all the time. (Sometimes, I just don't do quite as good of a job as others.)

They love to dance. Bucket can shake her groove thing with the best of them. And she's REALLY good now at "If you're happy and you know it." I didn't realize how good she was at it.

Bruise loves to dance, too. His dancing style is ... so different than Bucket's. HE does this almost Sumo-squat and then bounces and swings his arms around. It makes me laugh every time.

They're starting to talk more. Bruise, who's been less vocal so far, proves that he's really with it, even if he doesn't say all that much right now. Still, he's really pretty smart. Which is good.
I mean, I'll love both my kiddos even if they aren't gifted or anything.But I'm glad that they do seem to be pretty clever ... *preens* if I do say so myself.

In other news, I noticed Friday that the van (our primary vehicle ... Michael drives the small truck that I brought into the marriage) wasn't shifting well. Then later in the day it did fine.
Yesterday (Saturday), as we went to drive into the next town, the van pretty much crapped out a few miles from our house. Yeah. It won't shift into the lower gears ... and the gears it does shift into? Well, park and neutral work pretty well. Pushing the gas? It makes noise as if it's trying to please... but there's nothing really happening.

As my dad would say, "Great! Just Great!!!" So, yeah. (Melissa, it's probably a good thing we didn't plan to meet you and the family at the fair, huh?)
And I am really grateful that I did have Michael there, instead of it being just the kiddos and me.
But still, it sucks that it's happened at all. Especially when we still are paying it off.


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