Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brightens my day

So, my fantabulous and dear friend, Kari ...
Well, let me start over, even thought I have covered the IMPORTANT PARTS (That I have a friend, Kari, and that she is fantabulous).

SO --- Kari has this blog. It's great. Lots of pictures and family stories. It really lets me keep tabs on her since we've moved from the University wards.

NOW, she does a little feature on Sundays. One of her relatives (a great-aunt, right?) wrote a booklet/essay on "How to Be a Lady." It's quaint and delightful. How to dress, how to act ... all that good stuff is being covered.
(And, as I suspected, I have left lots of room for improvement. *nods*)

ANOTHER feature (wait for it, here's where the story REALLY takes off) is what she calls (and what I wish *I* had been brilliant enough to come up with ... but I know that she'll let me BORROW her wonderiffic idea, because she's all amazing like that) "Fabulous Friends Wednesday."

And, so, guess what?

IT'S ME this week.
And I feel all special for it.

So, go, go, go ... read about how great she thinks I am! Here's the link!

Oh, don't I have her fooled!!
Okay, okay, there's that self-depreciating humor that I've specialized in acting up again. (All right, now THAT comment I just made makes it sound like some kind of ailment that old people get. Like brusitis or mange or something. NOt that old folks get mange! ... At least none that I've met. ... Maybe they do, though. I sure hope they don't keep licking it. Since trying to get into a position to lick mange might break an old person's hip or something .... AAAAAND I've come off-topic again.)

(Speaking of, and this is kinda out of nowhere ... BUT if I had a clothing line, I think I'd call it "Off Topic." And everyone'd be all, "Don't you mean 'Hot Topic?'" And I'd be all, "No." But, honestly, isn't a brilliant idea. I should market it.)

BUT, getting back to my ORIGINAL point (which, I will do, eventually), Kari is a wonderful friend. You should read her blog. It has VIDEOS of her daughter. Which is a wonderful thing.

And, hey, if you're her friend, she'll probably write something really nice about you. And, even better, it'll be all sincere. Since she's cool like that. And she'll take the time to work out her (very eloquent ... since she IS an English teacher) thoughts.

So, in short, worship this girl. She deserves it. (Seriously. I could [and SHOULD] write blogs about how great she is.
And I was excited to read this week's installment even before I knew it was about me.

So, yes, go to her blog. Read it. Love her.
As it is written, so shall it be! (<-- Yeah, not MY original words, but I sure wish they were. 'Cause that would be a kick-butt Llanna-ism. For sure.)

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I'm glad you liked the make me smile, a lot! ;)

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