Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Oh-So Quiet (Shhh. Shhh.)

The kids are down for a nap.
We watched the last third of Annie (FINALLY) together.
They enjoyed it.

I sobbed. Which I usually don't do.
(Stupid period.)
But, but, but .... Daddy Warbucks! He's so ... SAD!!!

Then we watched CATS.
While Bruise whined about "Is it over yet?" because he was "firsty" for chokwat miik.
Yeah, that's how we say chocolate milk, if we're imitating him.
Sweet little boy with a lazy tongue.

I did NOT cry during CATS.

The kids opted to make their own sandwiches as I made them chocolate milk.
Then they were SUPPOSED to lay down QUIETLY ... and I talked to Bri.
Then Bucket came out with a bloody nose. And I Kleenexed her up and sent her back to bed.
Then she comes back out, having bled through that Kleenex.
... So I get her nose wiped (the bleeding HAD stopped. But she had this (TMI ALERT!) huuuuuuuuuuuuuge clot in her nose. Seriously, it's like two inches long. WORD. Got that cleaned up.
Then I stuck some Vaseline in her nose -- keeps things moist and helps prevent more nosebleeds.
Yes, I KNOW this.
Sent the kids back to bed. Until I came in to tell them naptime was over.
And I STILL had to go in and tell them that talking, NOT being in their own bunk, dinking around ... THOSE THINGS ARE ALL "NOT NAPPING" ... And I made sure that they KNEW what I was saying.
(You know how in "Rush Hour," Chris Tucker's all "Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?" to Jackie Chan? ... I use that. A lot.)

SO, I was talking to Bri...
We both know that we're in Savior of the World ... but we don't know yet what our roles are.
We do know that they need LOTS more guys. And that Joseph's role hasn't been finalized.
So, if you're in the area, and you are a guy (or KNOW a guy) who has stage talent and is interested, send him on over. I'll let you know the audition date and place. Just comment your email. I won't post that comment. Because I treasure your privacy. ... So, unless you explicitly TELL ME to publish your addy, I won't.

I've blown my nose about a bazillion times.
And coughed a ton.
I think I've lost my sense of smell again. Boo. Sucks.

In OTHER news, here's where I've spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME amusing myself:

A Bad Case of the Dates: Makes me SO, SO, SO GLAD that I'm not dating.
Eff Yeah Nerdfighters: Because I <3 the Vlogbrothers. Even back when they were Brotherhood 2.0
(I also have gone through the archives at Too Sexy for my Wand ... with a NSFW address ... but it's full of Harry Potter, Glee, Dr Who, etc geek-fun. And the Since I've Found Serenity tumblr is great Firefly fun. Bri and I send each other a lot of links. ^_^)

Bri had me read Mormon in Manhattan, which made me miss being in theater (back in high school). And, at the same time, be VERY grateful that I don't have to date weirdos. :P Natalie's got some STORIES.

I've also been going through some cooking blogs and crafty blogs.
(ADDICTED to YoungHouseLove. ADDICTED, I SAY!)

I should cook dinner. And I need to watch last week's episode of Glee ... since the season finale is tomorrow! EEP!! (Why do I think that today is Thursday?)

(Could it have, say, something to do with the fact that I've been SICK? And SLEEPING? And not seeing Michael a lot? ... Sure, we had a date-ish on Saturday. But, but, but ... I was SICK!)

I keep checking my eyes ... making SURE that I'm not getting the pink eye back. I don't want it. EVER.
Never wanted it in the first place.
Had it thrice.
First time was ... around sixth grade.
Had it TWICE this year. Oy.

I'm wondering it _I_ caught it, out of my immediate family since I had such a compromised immune system ... having the PLAGUE already, you see.
Yeah ... maybe I'll just get me one of those bubbles. For those immune-compromised folks.
Except that it'd be impossible to get shelving done. Those doorways are a little narrow.

Ha ... I went to let the kids out (Bucket cried out in her sleep) ... They're both ZONKED. Not getting up at all.
Obvs, they DID need that nap.
Not going to say that I KNEW IT ... Okay, I KNEW IT.
Totally did.

Now to fix something for dinner. But what???
I'll make something.

In other, OTHER news, Michael's teeth are healing up great. Yay! ... Still needs two more wisdom teeth out. And that one implant done. And a bunch of cavities (from his old bridge) filled. Poor guy.

But Mom's coming up again. Yay! It's been almost THREE WEEKS since I've seen my momma!! That's way too long. And we have to get our B&BW freebie this month. It'll be the last Thursday that we can do it for May.
We like our freebies. Word.

Okay. Now to make dinner. ... Once I figure out what to make. Hmmmmmmmm .....


JMG said...

Allanna -

Thanks so much for the shout out! You rock!

From Jared of A Bad Case of the Dates.

Hilary said...

Bjork?! I *LOVE* that song! Silly but I love it! (now I hope you know what I'm talking about...if not then I'll have to email you the song)!

Allanna said...

Hilary - Indeed, it IS that Bjork song. Good reference catch!
(I'll admit, you're better than I am! :P)

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