Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, Sweet Sunday ...

I skipped church today.

There was only going to be one hour. AND we'd be meeting with the other family ward. AND I am still sick.
Michael went. Since he had to do PPIs (Personal Priesthood Interviews) with some of the guys from EQ (Elders' Quorum) after church.

The kids stayed with me. Since it'd have been bad to have them running amok during the PPIs.

My children are LOUD.
At least, they seem TOTALLY LOUD when one is sporting a throbbing sinus headache.

Michael and I were up around 7. He gave me a back and neck rub. Sweet man.
We took a shower and I used my neti pot. I put on my nightshirt.
Michael left around 8:45. He'd fed the children, too.
After a while, I headed back to bed with that sinus headache.
I TRIED to sleep. I even used the "Relax and Sleep" app on my phone to give me something to listen to that was NOT my children lumbering about like stampeding elephants ... or shrieking at each other. Or shouting.
Freyja-cat snuggled with me, under the covers. Until Bucket came in (again) and stole her away. (Freyja escaped at her earliest opportunity and came to snuggle with me again. During my two-hour nap. Good kitty.)

I finally got up, added yoga pants and my ubiquitous Old Navy clearance sweater (the greige-colored, thick knit one), since I was cold.
Had some soup (it was 2. About time I ate something, right?) ... and some Kool-Aid.
Took some Dayquil, Cold and Cough DM, and used the neti pot again.

Noticed that my pink eye is gone. PHEW! Thank goodness.

I'm still tired. Even though I've spent more time sleeping than usual.

I think my body FINALLY is trying to kick this bug. Finally.
I'm ready. I'd like to be healthy and have energy to clean my house and read and take my kids to the park and such again.

It's almost six now. I'm ready for bed.

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Anonymous said...

Oh girl, how I feel your pain. :-) feel better soon!

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