Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bring out'cher dead!!

So, when I last left off, we were prepping for my SIL T2's birthday party.
We brought a salad. Caesar. From a bag. (Two bags, actually.) That's how I roll. :P
(No, really, Mom C asked me to bring a salad to go with lasagna. I didn't just wake up and say, "Hey! Let's be CLASSY and bring bagged salads to celebrate Michael's baby sister's birthday!!" ... No, really. :P)

(Methinks that I protest too much.)

BUT, I tried to stay away from most people ... since I was losing my voice and had to blow my nose about a bazillion times and was coughing into my elbow (I'm an EXPERT at the Dracula Cough ... you see, it's call that, since you look like you're trying to imitate Count D, with the cloak ... you do see, don't you?).
And I used a TON of hand sanitizer.

Because, not only was I sick ... but one of Michael's siblings' families had/was getting over/was JUST getting .... PINK EYE.

So, I give my kids THE TALK.
No, not that one.
The one about, "Do NOT let your cousins touch your face. Wash your hands. And then wash them again. And use my hand sanitizer. And use it some more. You only need a drop. Rub it into your hands. Make sure you get your fingernails. Get the webbing between your fingers. Make sure not to miss your cuticles! Do not get pink eye!"
THAT talk.

I really did ask Michael if we should leave early (like before dinner. [Sorry, Mom. You know how I hate pink eye. But it's true, I really did talk it over with you son. As a possibility]), since (1) I was sick, (2) I didn't want the kids to get pink eye again (since they JUST had it at the beginning of February ... from the same set of cousins), and (3) Michael JUST had three teeth pulled. And we were waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in.

But he opted to stay. And, overall, I'm glad that we did.
I got to hold my sweet, little niece (different set, so NO pink eye), and got her calmed down.
Yup, I think I've got me a favorite niece.
(Not that I don't like my others. ... But ... well, truth be told, I've never been one of those baby-hungry women. I liked MY kids when they were infants ... but I'm not a huge "I NEED/MISS having a BABY!!"
However, I do like to snorgle my sweet little niece. Maybe because she does remind me a lot of my Princess Bucket.

So that was a huge, good thing.
And I got to snuggle with Baby C even though I'm sick ... because I got sick from her.
And I still love her. :)

However, when we got home, I gave the kids the eye drops for pink eye. Just in case.
They don't have it.
But guess who does.

It's not the kids. (Duh, I just TOLD you that.)
It's not Michael.
It's not Freyja.

Or the hedgehogs.

Yeah. Me.
Who used TONS of hand sanitizer. And tried to not be around my other nieces and nephew. Or their dad (who JUST got it today).

At least, we already had the eye drops. Which is good.
And, unlike my poor SIL-squared, I don't have an allergic reaction to them.
(Poor girl.)

So, I've been trying to get better from pink eye (and not pass it to the kids, Michael, or the cat (because you can pass it back and forth. Yup. D*** bacteria.) and from my sinitus.

I'm TIRED of being sick. Since I got it just after Mother's Day. (Lucky!) And then I got pink eye on top of it.

Good thing I don't have cattle or camels or sheep. Since those'd be going next.
(Yes, Job reference. Because I can. Not because I'm really all that righteous.)

But, yeah.
My sinuses HURT. Which makes me TEETH sore.
I keep coughing because of the post nasal drip. So my throat hurts, my voice is going, and I puke up small gobs of mucus that I've swallowed. (TMI. Sorry.)
I'm TIRED ... Like, Michael had me lay down. And I finally did. And I woke up, like FOUR HOURS LATER. And still managed to fall asleep at night (well, I did have some Nyquil).

Good things:
(Since I've got to balance it all out, right?)
  • Got to snorgle my newest niece.
  • Since I caught it early, this is a really mild case of pink eye.
    I still look like hell. But there's less goop. Just lots of RED.
  • I got a nap. And Michael got the kids all put to bed for me.
  • Having sunshine-colored nails (China Glaze Lemon Fizz, if you NEED to know) is a nice touch.
  • My dishwashing-inflicted wound is healing. It'll leave a scar, but it's healing.
  • My rolled ankle is just about all better. Thank goodness. That took a few weeks. And I still don't know how I did it.
Seriously, I'm about ready to take a plumber's snake to my sinuses.
IF I didn't worry that I'd accidentally pull out my brains in the process.
... WHAT? You mean YOU didn't harbor aspirations in the fifth grade to become an Egyptologist?
(No, really. I read ALL the books I could in the school library about Ancient Egypt and mummies. I'd have to turn them over, so I wouldn't see the covers at night, though. Yeah, I have issues.)

But, yeah, I've used a neti pot TWICE today. Took my inhalers. Still tossed up phlegm in the sink. Took some "Cough and Cold DM" ... Last night, I used my neti pot, took the DM medicine, an allergy pill, AND some Nyquil. And a zinc lozenge (so they make YOUR tongue numb, too? That's the only reason I really don't care for them. Because my tongue feels all fuzzy for about an hour afterwards.) AND a cough drop.

I was actually able to breathe through my nose last night. And I slept.
I am now developing a sinus headache, though. Drat it.

But Michael made me tea (Raspberry Zinger) with honey.
And I drank some tea with honey (Herbal Sweet 'n' Spicy with a bag of Sandman P.M.) while we watched a movie last night.

I woke up whispering. And wasn't coughing until I was fully awake.

Now, if only this dumb thing would FINALLY run its course. And take the dratted pink eye with it.

Thankfully, though, my little niece isn't showing signs of pink eye. PHEW.

Time to go take some more drugs ... We have some Dayquil tablets. Yay.
I'm going to be a FUN DATE (since the healthy children have a birthday party to attend) for my husband.

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