Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I think I really, really want ...

Being addicted to the interwebs gives one quite a few cravings ... or, at least, a VERY strong yearning to try:

  • Trader Darwin's Chewable Melatonin (at Trader Joe's). ... It's mint-flavored.
    Maybe that means I won't wake up with "Kitten Breath."
  • Vanilla Beans.
    I just want a LOT of vanilla beans. Like a crap-ton (that's a ... metric measurement. Yeah. *shifty eyes*)
    I could make my own vanilla extract (give me a reason to be carded. Ha!).
    OR Vanilla butter (scoops the innerds of the bean into a stick of butter. Stir. ... Sounds delish!)
    Or all sorts of amazing vanilla-ness-essence.
I also see cute manicure ideas. Or hairstyles. Or ideas for sprucing up my house.

I can has unlimited incomes, please?

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