Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching up

Okay ... so when I last did a real blog ... it was just after Mother's Day ... What have I done since?

... Um ... what HAVE I done?

Let's see. Mom and I have been sick. So I haven't volunteered (last week and today. Boo.)
Today, I'm losing my voice.

Last Thursday, Michael needed to use the van, since his tires were shredding. We needed to replace then. And we wouldn't have money to do that until payday (Monday). So, we were a one-car family for a few days.
I was kinda pissy about it.
So I took a shower where I berated myself for being all pissy, since it was illogical.
Then I declared, "FINE! I'll never plan to GO ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN!!"
Which then led to another self-beratement for being illogical.

Stupid PMS.

So, Mom C called Wednesday night, right after my shower ... and asked if there was anything I needed. (YAY for unsaid prayers being answered!!)
So, she came with us to storytime Thursday and took us out to McDonald's. And it was fun to get to hang with her.
Went Visiting Teaching Thursday evening, then over to the EMCOM (Emergency Communications) meeting at church (for the HAM radio people).

Friday ... I don't recall a lot ... lemme check Facebook ...
Oh! I found that Netflix finally has made some apps for various Droid phones.
Luckily, mine's one that they did. Phew!! So I donwloaded that.
There was a momentary flicker of power. Turned off the computer and the VCR. No biggie.

Saturday was the Stake Relief Society Activity -- "Education Week in a Day."
They offered a bunch of classes ... I went to four of them (And Bri will hook me up with recipes from the class she co-taught about cooking and food storage with allergies [including gluten-free cooking]):
"Getting More Out of Your Scripture Study" (based on Elder Bednar's "A Resevior of Living Water."),
"Spiritual Growth Through Music", "Music in the Home", and "Finding Joy Within."

I didn't go to the new FamilySeach lab, since Michael and I already know how to use the new FamilySearch Website. I also missed "Strengthening Relationships", "Successful FHE Ideas for All Ages", and "Modern-Day Women of God" ... since you only had so much time. And they were offered at the same time as other classes (e.g., Bri's class was during the classes on music. Her mom's class on Finding Joy was during the first and last class periods).

All the classes were good. It was fun. And I got to see some friends.

Then I went home. Michael and the kids had gone to the park and then baked cookies (for Home Teaching.... And for us) while I was gone. ... I had offered to take the kids to the kids' class at the RS activity, if he wanted a relaxing day. He opted to spend time with the Bedlamites. He's a good daddy.

Then, in the evening, he and I started working on the dishwasher ... which we'll finish tonight (Need a new hose). We scrubbed out the filter parts that we could get to. YUCK! SO NASTY!
And we got sprayed with some Drano-water.  Crazy times. :P

Sunday ... Michael walked to church for his early-morning meetings. He got a blister.
I gave a friend a ride in. Church went well.
Bruise asked me, "Where's P?"
"She's sitting over there," I pointed.
"Why doesn't she sit with us??"
Doesn't he realize that a lot of us like our own spots?
(Though, really, she was more than welcome to share our pew.)

After church, we drove P home, drove back to church to get Michael after HE got done, drove home ... made some lunch, got Home Taught, and then Michael headed out to do some home teaching. He ended up skipping the Stake Priesthood meeting (too much for one Sunday)  .... and , if he hadn't needed the car for Home Teaching, I'd have tried to go to choir at church. Oh well.
Then we got the kids in bed and he headed out to give a ride to a stranded friend.
So I took the trash out.

Monday, Michael went to work, in the van. Came home, took the truck over to get new tires ... we met him at K-mart to kill time while the tires were replaced.
Earlier, while I had worked on doing dishes (all by hand ... since we need to replace that one hose), I cut my hand. I accidentally clinked two glasses together. The Corel one was the one that broke. And I didn't notice it, until I had my hand in it, with a sponge, to clean the inside.
I used one band-aid ... had to replace it with another. And I taped it on there tightly, so the blood'd stop flowing. It did.
I cut a bit of a chunk out right on the knuckle below my pinky finger. At the right angle, my wound almost looks like Mickey Mouse.
I felt completely stupid.
And I was PMSing.
And I knew it wasn't any use getting stitches, so I sucked it up. And then typed out a terribly-typed email to Michael letting him know what went down.
Yeah. Winner.
So, with all of that happening, and being all PMS-y ... I ended up crying in K-mart with Michael.
Then I bought two pairs of rubber gloves and a one-hole punch ... since I had cash to cover those and I NEEDED to have rubber gloves to do the dang dishes.

And Michael made dinner. Well, he cooked it. I had the meat marinating ... but I couldn't wash and prepare potatoes with one hand. GIMP. I'm glad he puts up with me.

Yesterday, I got all the dishes done. I made the kids food. I made dinner. We went grocery shopping (since the paycheck cleared. Phew!) and put gas in the vehicles.

During the day, though ..... Oy. Not my best day ever.
Bucket sprayed orange kid-shampoo on the wall that Michael and I JUST REPLACED two weeks ago.
I made her clean it up and sit in the naughty chair (i.e., time out) while I called Michael. Who backed me up if I needed to make her sit in time out all day. Which is pretty close what came to happening.
Except that ... when I got out of the bedroom, after talking to Michael for about four minutes, she was over at the couch, watching Bruise play on the Wii ... and then she tried to make a mad dash back to the naughty chair.
So she got another punishment. Oy.

Later, Bruise came to me to report that Freyja-cat pooped on the daybed in their room. So I got to clean that up, strip the bedding off, and put it in the washer.

THEN, Bruise was playing on the DS so intently that he ignored his body's cues and peed his pants.

So, since Monday, I've dealt with just about every bodily fluid ... and then some.
  • Blood - My hand
  • Shampoo - Bucket ... doing .... whatever. She STILL doesn't have a good reason for it.
  • Poop - Freyja
  • Pee - Bruise's pants and the carpet
  • Vomit - I threw up in the sink. Stupid body, swallowing mucus while I sleep. Gross.
  • Mucus - Since I have sinitus ... and the kids caught my cold. It's the Mucus chronicles around here
And did I mention that I'm losing my voice? Winner. /sarcasm

AAAAAAND my phone was all, "You're running out of application space on your phone" ... which is what led to my having to reset my phone on my birthday.
I did a fast reboot. It came back. Then I deleted programs that I don't use.
That worked.

But, hey, there have been good things, too:
  • Netflix! On my phone!!
  • Bri introduced me to Grooveshark
  • Don't have to factory reset my phone.
  • Got Swype to work on my phone again (LOVE that keyboard. It's spoiled me.)
  • Got to visit with Dawn and Bri and Rebecca and Tia and Jadie on Saturday.
  • Our dishwasher smells much better!
  • My Bath and Body Works order came in! ... And I got compliments on the bag I got from it on Saturday. ^_^
  • I read an ebook on my Droid.
  • Our edited DVD order (thanks, Mom!) came in! Now I can watch Black Swan and Billy Elliot! And Die Hard (with Alan Rickman. ^_______^) ... and a few others.
And I mentioned that Michael heard me talk in my sleep. That makes me laugh. The past few weeks ... we both ended up talking in our sleep. And being able to be understood. That's funny to me.
At least, in my dreams, I'm accomplished!

In other news, I love my neti pot. And Afrin. And NyQuil.
And my skinny jeans. (If only I matched in being skinny! Oh well!)

And Michael's noticed that, IRL, my most common phrase (my catch phrase?) is "It is what it is what it is." ... I'm just trying to accept that things are ... the way that they are. And that, sometimes, you can't change it. You just deal with it.

Like, say, sitting here hacking  and blowing my nose. ... And taking Garlic tablets (nature's antibiotic!) and drinking liquids ... because, one way or another, I'll get over this. Either I'll get all better ... or else I'll die. Either way, this cold-thing won't last forever.
Thank goodness.
And I'm hoping that my immune system kicks its butt. STAT.

Okay. I think that I've covered most of the last week and a day. Phew!

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