Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Regained the will to live ...

Don't get me wrong, Mother's Day was good.

  • Michael made me an awesome omlette.
  • The kiddos surprised me with a card they and my mom made together.
  • I got a rose at church.
  • Mom bought me books and chocolate while she was up last week.
  • The potato salad I took to C&A's for lunch was well-received (It's my Terra's recipe. SO YUMMY!)
Then I ended the day losing the battle with a crap cold. I couldn't stay awake watching Ironman 2. That's SAD.
Of course, the full dose of Benadryl probably had something to do with it.
(Hey, at first, I just thought that maybe my allergies were totally acting up! Oh, I was wrong.)

I woke up a couple times during the night to wipe my nose so I wouldn't snot all over my pillow.
(That'd be SO GROSS. Ew.) And I was just really exhausted.

So it was nice that the kids are self-sufficient enough to play in the living room, watch shows, and raid the fridge while their poor, sick momma steals their menthol-infused baby bath and lounges in either the bath or the bed ... and attempts to nap. (Doesn't work. My kiddos are pretty active. And they like to check on me ... to makes sure that I "won't be lonely." They're sweet. Sometimes a little misguided, but very sweet.)

In the afternoon, on Monday, I took some DayQuil ... and it FINALLY kicked in. Like, I went from feeling absolutely pitiful to having the energy to do the dishes. It was a VAST IMPROVEMENT. Between my allergy meds and DayQuil, I've regained the will to live. Phew!

Today ... I haven't done much. I'm bummed that my mom's sick, so she's not able to come up to see us this week. Next week. So, yeah, just send her good healing thoughts/prayers/energy. I don't like it when my mommy's sick.

She and Nana called to let me know they got the cards we sent (I used TinyPrints.com ... I also made cards for Mom C and Michael's Grandma. We meant to call Grandma I this weekend. .... Oops.) ... Nana's not doing the best either. Her hearing is going. :( And she says that Uncle M, who suffered a stroke just over a year ago ... he's not doing so well. :(
Well, he better stick around until mid-July ... my cousin (his daughter) is getting married this summer.

Besides that ... just reading a bit, watching some DVDs ... that sort of thing.

I realize that this is my 799th post here. I should do something special to celebrate my 800th post ...



Not that it wouldn't be interesting or whatever ... but because, GOSH, that would take freaking FOREVER!
Sorry, I can't commit to doing that.

Maybe I'll post some pictures or something.

Or I'll just try to actually REMEMBER that 800 is a very round number. :P

Or maybe I'll clean the kitchen. Which is not a very bloggy thing to do ... but it's something that needs to be done. And, just maybe, doing it in CELEBRATION of my 800th post ... No, I don't think it'll really make it any more enjoyable. Might be worth a shot, though.

I haven't heard anything about casting results for Savior of the World ... but, hey, it's nice to know that I make a decent impression.
(Seriously, one of the gals in RS gave me very lovely compliments on Sunday. Hee! It's nice to hear that "when you read those lines, they sounded like your own words!" *preens* ... I'm trying not to be insufferable ... but it's really very, very nice to know that you have a  bona fide talent. ^_^)

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