Saturday, May 07, 2011

Baffroom ...

So, yesterday, after Michael got home, we got to working on fixing up our bathroom ... Michael repaired/replaced the piece of wallboard (or sheet rock, whatever you want to call it) by the shower. (When we bought this place, there were two holes in the bathroom walls. Obviously, someone was looking for the pipes for the shower. They found them on the second try.)

Then we taped up stuff and Michael (once the second battery for the drill charged. The first battery seems to not hold a charge. Boo. ... We'll upgrade to a Mikita someday.) put up corner beads (they're these strips that you ... well, you put them in corners. I had no idea they existed). We still have to mud the seams of the panels that make up the wall. Then it's texturing, priming and painting!
... I still don't really know what color to paint the walls. Light blue? A light sage green? Cream? Beige?
All I know is that we want ONE color in there. Something slightly spa-like.

We also need to tape, mud, texture, and paint a few more rooms ... The hallway (where ONE of the kids has ripped some of the paper off the paneling *sigh*), the kitchen, the hall bathroom, the kids' room, and the kitchen.
I think I want to paint the hallway cream. Just to lighten it up. Right now, the paneling is this tan-and-cream thatched pattern. Just cream? That would look nice ... get it a little more airy-feeling.

Today, I got ready and then we headed back to auditions. Yeah ... I got a text from Dianne asking me to come back to read again.
I'm still tickled about it. ... They liked me! They (obviously) REALLY liked me!!!

I read the same scene that I had before (I thought maybe they'd have me read for one of the other female speaking parts), but with two other girls. ... The little girl that I read with?
SHE WAS GOOOOOOD. As in, she was excellent. I was really blown away.
Then I got to read with one of the YW I served with. Which was also really fun.
(I miss my YW. A lot.)

Another of my YW, as I was leaving, grabbed my arm and told me that I was amazing.
Isn't she sweet??? (And, NO, I already adored her before she said that.)

I can't write what we did/where we were/who we saw next (well, after we ate lunch). It's a SURPRISE. So you'll just have to wait.
But I did get to kiss my husband while doing that. Heh heh ... no wonder I feel that today's been a great day:

  • Got to read lines with great girls
  • Rocked my red lipstick
  • Perfected my gel eyeliner (Seriously, I was SO happy. It's the little things.)
  • Got to smooch my handsome man
  • Took a nice, hot bubble bath (almost fell asleep in it)
  • Am about halfway through the latest No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency book (YAY!!)
  • Started reading Uglies to Michael (About to head to the Rusty Ruins for the first time!)
  • Had a lime Slurpee (Michael got banana. The kids opted for cherry. Those were fine ... but I'm LOVING the lime. Yum!)
  • Made my Terra's AMAZING potato salad for Mother's Day lunch over at C&A's house.
  • Cleaned up my side of the bathroom counters. (It looks SO MUCH BETTER. It's not even funny, y'all.)
  • Found that Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast is on Netflix ... so I don't have to check it out from the library (someone has it on hold). I can watch it whenever. Yay!
Yeah, it's been a bit of a busy day. Two appointments ... and we ended up missing Free Comic Book Day. Oops. We didn't head over to the comic book shop (next town over). Oops. Maybe next year.
But, really ... if that's the only blip, that's NOTHING.

Hope you all had such a serendipitous day!

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