Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy Dream Chronicles - In which Stephen Colbert appears

I don't recall all the details ... but this was one ... INTERESTING ... dream.

So, I obviously appeared in something. Like a play or a class or something.
And I got some presents. From Stephen Colbert. Who came to my mom's house to see me.
(So, I must have been high-school me.)
In a suit. (He's wearing a suit. Not me. I was .... in a shirt and jeans, I think.)

And I asked if I could give him a hug, all while heaping praise on him. Because he is pretty awesome.

So, the presents!
There was a fun floppy-beret style hat with spangles. And a fashionably-baggy sweater. I tried those on.
And ... a black bikini.
Not only was it way too small ... but as Miss Manners would say, a lady never accepts such personal gifts from a near-stranger. (Truly, accepting any clothing items from a man one isn't married to, sets a bad precedent. As would accepting perfume or lingerie from a man you're not married to. At least, back in the day. It would imply ... an unsavory relationship.) ... Still? A bikini? No, far too personal.
But he was very nice about offering to exchange it for something else. And the right size.

And Mom and my aunt were there, so I introduced them to him. And show off my fun hat and sweater. And he tells them about the other gift ... and that, apparently, there are red panties in that package. WHAT??
I think he was joking about those. I hope.

And ... as we're talking with each other (somewhere else -- I think we were in a car?), he's talking to me about running away together.
And, although we do seem to get along rather well ... and we both think highly of each other ... Suddenly I KNOW that he's married. And has kids. ... And that I'm with Michael ... so this relationship isn't going to work out. Because we're both taken. And I'll be no man's doxy.

And then, we're sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed ... and he's kissing me. And I push him back (though he's not shabby at all. Nice thing about dreams. :P), and I'm all, "We're MARRIED. To other people. We can't do this. I'm really sorry. I like you a lot. If things were different ... but they're not."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my subconscious' brief relationship with yet another celebrity.

Except for somewhat inappropriate gifts ... and trying to run away with me, dream Colbert was quite nice.

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