Friday, May 06, 2011

Two weeks??

Has it really been nearly two weeks since a REAL BLOG?

Wow. Sorry about that. Obviously I've been lazier than I gave myself credit for. :P

Okay, what HAVE I been up to??

  • Dad and L were going to come up to visit, but L fractured her finger working on Nana's old patio (Bricks + finger = OUCH). So that was put on hold for a little.
  • I've been volunteering as usual. We went to "the new McDonald's" (the one in the next town, with the INDOOR playplace. And free baby cones with the Happy Meals, if you ask for them) this week. New toys. I have no idea what Zoobles are. Cute, but yeah. And Bruise is the happy owner of little figures of Robot Batman, Black Manta, and Aquaman ("He's everyone's favorite Superfriend!").
  • I gave Michael his birthday present early. (NO, NOT THAT. :P) We bought an air compressor (and a hose and attachments for it). Then, while Mom was watching the kiddos, he took me out for a Slurpee. YUM. (I REALLY loved the lime flavor. I kinda want another ....)
  • I've gotten through a few books. Which is awesome. I love to read, but I haven't been doing a whole lot of it. SAD! But, if you liked The Hunger Games or Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras, you'd probably like Matched. It had some similar flavors to it. And it's set up well for a sequel. (Oh, look at that! There IS a sequel now! Ha!)(And there's another sequel in the works, too!)
  • Last week, I got an impromtu Girls' Night with my Bri and some friends. Watched Mrs. Winterbourne, ate popcorn, watched some clips on YouTube ... lots of laughing.
  • It was also Grandpa C's birthday. We took flowers to Grandma and had a visit with her.Then we went to take flowers to the gravesite. But the cemetery closed at 5. Boo. So we went back the next day. I'm sure that Grandpa got a chuckle out of that.
  • Michael's cousin was in town (from New York). She watched the kiddos for us while we went on the Youth temple trip. The guy in charge of the baptistry? I ADORE him. He had glasses with bright red rims. He complimented my smile. We talked about his glasses. He's around 60. His wife was awesome, too. I wish they lived in my ward. *sigh* ... But then if everyone that I wished lived in my ward DID live in the ward, ... well, I'd probably have a few STAKES of people I adore. ^_^
  • Mom and Dad C should be moved up now. That's pretty exciting. They are looking for a house in the area (but not in our town or ward). But it'll be good to have them close again. I know that Bruise and Bucket will be thrilled to have them tons closer. ^_^ (And it made it MUCH easier to put an emergency contact on the forms I had to fill out because ....)
  • We registered the kiddos for Kindergarten. We applied for the Dual Immersion (English/Spanish) class. Which will be in the morning. Which means that I need to make sure that I'm REALLY READY to be up-and-running by 8:30 (Class starts at 8:50. But I like to be EXTREMELY PUNCTUAL. Because I'm a freak like that. I openly admit to it.)
    But STILL!!! My BABIES!!! Starting KINDERGARTEN!! It doesn't really seem real.
  • After I shopped so much, I shopped again. My birthday money is TOTALLY GONE. ... But, right now, my fingernails reflect one of those purchases. Most of my fingers have Tiffany-blue nails (China Glaze - For Audrey), which I am totally digging. I saw it sometime last year ... and I kept finding myself thinking about it. And I'm so glad that I finally bought it. My ring fingers are silver. Which usually leads people to rub those nails ... kinda like a genie might be in there. :P It makes me laugh. They ARE really shiny.
  • I picked up some new things yesterday. A polo shirt, a lightweight white sweater, red lip stain (which I ROCKED yesterday. Ask Bri!) , some black gel eyeliner (which I do like a lot more than liquid liner) ... The makeup was from Target, in the E.L.F. section. Which made those things only $3 each. I LOVE not spending a ton. (Though, I was SORELY tempted by the Pixi Eye Bright Liner. I usually just use a cheapo white kohl pencil to line my inner rims. But this is a nude liner. And it's waterproof. I'd like to give it a spin sometime.)
So, yesterday night was the first night of auditions for our stake's Savior of the World production  (which will be in December). We'll just be doing Act One ... the story of the Nativity.

But, you know me ... I was being really ambivalent about trying out. I haven't auditioned for anything since my freshman year of college. THAT'S OVER A DECADE AGO. Seriously, that was Fall of 1999. How sad is that? AND there are some CRAZY-TALENTED people in our stake. I knew there'd be competition. AND since I'm in the throes of hay fever, sometimes when I sing, I squeak or my voice isn't immediately there.

I don't feel like the most talented person in the world. And, since I haven't been doing much performance ... I do worry that I'll lose these few talents that I have.
I haven't sang many solos in my short career of performing. I think I sang two in Choir in Jr. High. And I've had some songs that I sang for plays and musicals in high school (Yes, I did feel like hot stuff, getting to be the gal who gets to sing in plays that are NOT musicals. It's a nice thing. BUT it's not like I had tons of competition. I was the one who didn't mind singing in front of people. At times, rather scantily clad, even. :P).


But Bri was trying out. And on the first day. So I agreed to go. I got my paperwork filled out ... had to RACK MY BRAIN to remember the names of the plays and musicals I'd been in, since they asked for previous theater experience. But I was able to remember them. Even the one that our Drama teacher wrote. Phew! (The Google did help looking up and confirming names of other characters I'd been.)

And I went. Bruise decided that he DIDN'T want to audition. Punk. He says he'll audition when he's seven. Whatever. :P
So, I sang "My Redeemer Lives." Because it's a SHORT song. And President Hinckley wrote the lyrics, so that makes me happy. And it went well.
And they had me read a part, to see how I did. And that was nice. Familiar.
(I'll totally admit that I get a little practice at this, since I read aloud to the kids. And, sometimes, to myself.)
And they had me sing my range ... and I was able to hit that high C (C6, if C4 is middle C). PHEW!
(My lower range isn't that great I only can get to the E below middle C.)

But it's REALLY NICE to know that I still am a soprano ... and that my wonderful Costco allergy drugs are working. ^_^
(No, I'm not being paid for any of these product mentions. Wish I were! :P)
But it's nice to KNOW that part of my identity is still intact. Especially since I had a devil of a time following other parts in music. (Like Arnie, my school choir teacher, said: "Sopranos are the dummies of the choir." ... since we almost ALWAYS get the melody. I am not all that adept at picking out the harmonies. :S)

I did go home about ten minutes early, since the kids were getting restless. And they had said that once a family was done singing and reading for auditions, they were free to go. I had already read and sang ... and Bruise wasn't auditioning. (Neither were Michael or Bucket) ... So we headed home.
And the vocal director (otherwise known as my fantabulous friend, Dianne) texted me to see if I was still there to read again. Oops! Oh well.

I couldn't sleep much last night. It was kind of fitful from 11:30ish until 2:30, when I woke up to ... um ... powder my nose, per se ... and then I couldn't go back to sleep. So I just sat in bed with my phone's screen turned to a really low light, did some Sudoku, played some Fruit Ninja, searched for song lyrics for songs that were in my head that I couldn't recall immediately. I eventually fell back asleep around 5 AM. And woke up again after the kids came in to snuggle.

I might be in need of a nap today. We'll see.

But did I mention how I looked for auditions?
When I get nervous, I notice that I REALLY primp. Because it gives me something to do.
I was so lucky that we got married first thing in the morning ... And that Jonnie-Bean was the one to do my hair and makeup. Because if that hadn't happened, I'd probably have ended up with some crazy make-up look ... just so I'd have something to do with my time/hands.
But, as Bri told me, I looked really cute.
Because, heck, if I had a chance of really sucking or flubbing things up, at least I was dang well going to look good doing it. 

Yeah. I'm really special.

Also, I like to load the washing machine. With the soap, color-safe bleach, softener, whatever ... it makes me feel like I'm some kind of Alchemist. And, instead of turning lead into gold, my goal is to get awesome-smelling, clean laundry.

Yes, my freak flag is a-flying today. 

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