Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Dream Chronicles - Victorian Crime

Yeah, I have NO idea what was up with my head last night ... but my dream was VAIR, VAIR entertaining.

Somehow, I ended up time-travelling (or being in a movie? Where I had time-traveled?) to Victorian England.

There had been a murder.
The Bobbies had enlisted me to help investigate.

(I wish I remember all the details of the case ... it'd make a LOT more sense.)

And, thankfully, I had modern sensibilities on interrogation on my side.

There were two male suspects. One was the only friend-type of the murdered man. Tall, slim, mustachioed man. No motive, really.
The other was a boxer (played by Matthew Broderick) ... again no motive.
AND, when I was questioning him about how the murder occurred (involving a steam locomotive), and I had him point WHERE on the train all the children were berthed ... HE POINTED TO THE FRONT OF THE LOCOMOTIVE.
ANYONE who's been on a train before would KNOW that the front of the locomotive doesn't contain rooms. It's where the steam is made. There's no physical ROOM for ANYONE to have a berth in there.

So, therefore, the culprit could NOT have been HIM.

It wasn't the bastard son (chirpy little orphan, raised on the London streets) of the murdered man. Who helped me to package up his father's belongings. He could write ... a little. But the handwriting was all wrong.

So, that left only one person left. The woman (played by Billie Piper. I know!) ... I sent the Bobby after her. she ran around the back of a warehouse at the trainyard. I darted into the front, to make sure she wouldn't get away.
She had eluded the Bobby ... and I ran toward her to apprehend her (Dude, though I was in a corset and skirts, I was HARDCORE.), but she pulled out ... either a short rapier or a long dagger. And she had a whole shelf of split wood (for burning in fires) behind her.
I grabbed for a small piece of wood on the dirt floor to toss at her ... try and brain her, y'know ... But I missed. And she started throwing some split logs at me. One pegged me right in the chest. Ow.
But I was able to grab one and lob THAT one back at her ... which disarmed her enough that I was able to wrestle her to the ground.

And, since she was resisting arrest AND her head was next to one of the supports of the shelves, I did jam her head into that support pole.

"Sorry," I panted. "Actually, no, I'm not. You killed that man. I hope I broke your jaw."

And ... since I was a time traveler, I TRIED to fit in ... but hee.
I kept making reference to Cyrus Barker ... a Victorian-era Private Inquiry agent.
Who wasn't written about until this century.

(The hardcover introducing him and Thomas Llewelyn came out in 2004.)
So, I'd make a remark about how Cyrus Barker would be pleased with my progress ... and the Bobbies or the suspects would furrow their brows and nod. They probably figured that this was some person that I knew personally. Ha.

But, yeah ... I time-traveled, I interrogated, I tackled ... A good dream, overall.

Now I kinda want to get myself some Vicotrian-era get-up. I could always dress up as an anachronistic time traveler.
Not that anyone would really get it.
Not like most people get my costumes.
(Really, I worked HARD on my Jem! or my Jayne cross-play costumes. And no one outside my immediate circle of bests got them. ... Really, I don't think ANYONE that I hadn't told got either of them. ... *sigh* I just guess that I choose the hipster-type costumes -- Obscure, you wouldn't have heard of them. :P)

Seriously, I think of GREAT costume ideas ... but no one would really get them. At least, not at our church Halloween parties. Michael says that I should be She-Ra. I lean towards Daria. Michael also suggests that we go as Green Arrow and Black Canary (though, really, HOW would I get that one walk-in-front-of-the-Bishop-appropriate??????????? Hmmmmm???????????)
And, truly, I'd LOVE to dress up as ballroom Sarah from Labyrinth. (I've LOVED that dress since I was ... five?)
I'd almost think of dressing as Molly McGrue ... or even the Lady Amalthea... but no one would get it.
Unless they're obsessed with The Last Unicorn (like I am).

But ... sadly, anything I can think of to dress as that people MIGHT get ... seems too mainstream.
(And, really. Once Michael and I dressed as the Mad Hatter and Alice. Unless he was RIGHT NEXT TO ME, people had NO IDEA who I was. So ... obviously I was too obscure. Or just CRAP at designing a costume. BLEH.)

Really, it's ALMOST JUNE ... and I have no ideas.
It was really crappy and disheartening that my brilliant cross-play idea ... fell so flat.
I can't help it that so many people are unfamiliar with one of the BEST. SHOWS. EVER.
I mean ... I had the HAT! I had a Blue Sun shirt! I had BOOTS! *sigh*


So, yeah, give me some costume ideas.
If nothing else, I'll buy me a striped shirt and some chunky frames and go as a hipster.
Which seems like a sell-out.

And NO, being a Cereal Killer is not an option. Too mainstream. And the ones that I've seen lately appear to be a last-second throw-together costume. Tres tragique.

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Lily Estrella said...

Go as Willow? :P hehe, Anyways, I'm bad with ideas, though if you want I do have a bride of frankenstein wig you could borrow, could do all sorts of things with that. Go all 50's retro frankenbride or something. 1980's frankbride with legwarmers or steampunk...

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