Sunday, May 29, 2011

I just don't make sense, do I?

So, I'm reading (and drooling) over recipies over at ... and I get a craving.

For Popsicles.

The brand name ones. That are in the yellow box.
The box that has lime, banana, and root beer-flavored Popsicles.

We do not have any.
It's Sunday, so we're not going out to buy them.

Curse you, delicious Popsicles!
Popsicles that taunt me with childhood memories of your delecability!


Curse you. Curse you and your delicious nature.
Cure the fact that you are in my grocer's freezer section and NOT in MY freezer. RUDE!

(Seriously, I was always THRILLED to get this one. Because there weren't any orange Popsicles to eat my way through first ... to get to the Holy Cherry Grails in the box.)
(This box was excellent ... since NO MATTER WHAT YOU GOT, IT WAS AWESOME. ... I want a million boxes. And a huge freezer to store them in. Thank you.)

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