Friday, April 29, 2011

My thoughts on the royal wedding

I caught a few pictures of Kate's dress. She looks beautiful. As always.

I sure hope that William's as similar to his mother in temperment as well as in looks. If so, their marriage has a chance of success. (Mom and I talked, while she was up, about Charles and Diana's marriage. What a tragedy that ended up. And Fergie's, too. ... Sarah Ferguson, who is also a darling lady.)

I loved this link that a friend posted on facebook: WhyAmericansShouldCareAboutTheRoyalWedding

... I remember, back when I was ... um ... thirteen or so?
I saw pictures of the princes. And, since every little girl wants to be a princess, I thought about marrying one of them. William's always been handsome, but ... I dunno. Too mainstream? ... And Harry's too young for my tastes. So, from an early age, I knew that they weren't my princes.
(And, really? Could they hold a candle to my man? H to the no!)

I'm glad that the wedding went well, apparently. (I wasn't waking up at ungodly-early-o'clock to watch it. And I don't really care to see it. ... Though, from a picture at Too Sexy For My Wand, Rowan Atkinson was in attendance. I was tickled by that. He's pretty dang amazing.)

I hope that they have a happy marriage. And that they break from the current mold and stay faithful to each other.
(Seriously??? Charles, if you really didn't love Diana enough to stay faithful, you shouldn't have married her in the first place. You could have abdicated, Camilla could have gotten a divorce and run off with you. ... But, really? At the same time, your only hope of having such attractive children? Well, yeah. You can see where I'm going with that. Sorry, it's catty. But ... it is my opinion. And I'm not always the kindest. ... But, really ... if being the future king was more important to you, you should have stayed faithful to your wife. Or you should have sacrificed the throne and run off with Camilla before shackling poor Diana into such a sham of a marriage. Based on your past examples of such selfish and careless behavior, I'm GLAD that the government is mostly in the hands of Parliament. Seriously, little kinglet, you blew it. Di wouldn't have strayed if you had actually, you know, treated her like you CARED about her at all. ... It would have saved a lot of heartbreak. And possibly her life.  Just sayin'.)

Before that debacle, I might have really taken an interest in modern-day British royalty.
I guess that most of my interest died out with the Prince Regent and Beau Brummel. (Those clothes? *drools* All the manners? Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek for that.)

Still, I hope that William and Kate -- even while living under the magnifying glass -- are happy. And stay happy. I hope that they treasure each other. Every day.
And that no one cheats and that no one dies tragically.
Y'know, more like A Midsummer Night's Dream. As opposed to Hamlet.

Okay. I'm going to go paint my nails. And get a shower.

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