Friday, April 22, 2011

The Angst Chronicles

So ... I was all set to vacuum the house. (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!! ... Well, no, not really.)

And it wasn't picking up stuff. Weird.

Because it was stuffed with backed up lint and moist baking soda (from vacuuming up Bruise's puke-fiasco last week).
So, I unplug it (LOOK!!! I'm responsible!!) and disassemble it, clean it out. Put it back... no, wait, forgot a part, re-take it apart, put ALL the pieces back, fix it up ... plug it in, test it out .... AND THE BELT BREAKS.


So I fume and fret ("Everything was going well and NOW THIS!!!!!!! I'M SUCH A SCREW UP!!!! I BROKE THE VACUUM!!!!) ... then calm myself down and take the kids to Target to get new belts (since they come in pairs. Like Noah's Ark...

And I also picked up a few necessities. WHAT?? (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 is TOTALLY a necessity. As is Megamind for only $7. Yeah, I know, right????)

And we came back home (with a pack of Junior Mints, since the kids did pick up and obey pretty well) so I could do FIX THE VACUUM 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO.
(Okay, not really Electric Boogaloo ... but it could have very well been, if I hadn't had the vacuum unplugged.)
(Yes, I'm a wuss. The idea of being electricuted? The idea of burns or, well, ANY pain, really?? Not a fan. I'll admit that I'm a coward. It's amazing that I survived labor ... Though, honestly, I really did whine my way through Bruise's birth. Then they really gave me the drugs for Bucket's extraction. Heh. That was sooooo nice. Just some pressure. And she came out so pretty, all gorgeous-shaped head. Breech extraction is so the way to go. ... Because I'm a wimp. .... Which is why I really, REALLY didn't want to need a C-section. Because those are involving LOTS of pain and recuperation. Like I said, I willingly and freely admit that I'm a coward and a wimp.)

SOOOOOOO ... where was I??
Ah, yes. Fixing the vacuum.
This went faster ... especially since I left it disassembled in the hall. :P
Put on the belt, put it back together, insert and tighten the screws ... VOILA!
And it works!!! And the house is vacuumed! PHEW!!!!!

(But, if I had to buy a new vacuum, I did price the one we'd get at Target. ... As much as I'd love a Dyson, it's not in the budget. So I'd get the newer version/step-up from our decade-old dust-sucker (Seriously? That's what the German translation for vacuum means. Literally: dust sucker. Awesome. Makes me smile.).
Which is about 1/3-1/5 the price of a Dyson.
But, hey, at least I don't have to do that now.

I am mighty Llanna. I fix vacuum. I vacuum floor. I not sick.

Now, Mighty Llanna do dishes. And laundry. And shower ...
Yes, I did just throw on some cotton yoga-ish pants and an old sweatshirt (and a bra) to go over to Target. They are just that lucky.
I brushed my hair and teeth before I went!!
(I had to step it up, you know. Not like I wanted to be featured here. *snickers*)

In other news, I've totally chipped the nails I painted Wednesday. *sigh*

But ... the angry bees are leaving. My mental health number is falling from its previously dangerously high levels. Things are leveling out.
And I'm not going to attribute it solely to the three Valerian capsules I took last night ... though I think they helped with the sleep that I desperately needed.

Hope you are having a better day ... with no household appliance angst.

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