Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh, that boy of mine ...

As we put the kids to bed, I tucked in Bruise.

"I wanna be snug in a bug in a wug," he told me.

So I had to explain that it's really "snug AS a BUG IN a RUG," or else he's insinuating that he wants to be eaten by a bug.

And then he was making funny noises (like his evil laugh ... sounds like a villainous Frenchman. Love it!), I told him that he was a goofball.

"No, I'm NOT a GOOFBALL!! I'm CUTE!!!!! I'm just cute. Not a cute goofball. Just a Bruise Cute."

He's right ... he IS a cute little boy.

... In other news, Bucket has told me that Lola would be a great name for a girl like her. And I should call her "Lola [FirstName]" or Lola Bucket.
... At least it's a bit more original than the names that I told my mom that she SHOULD have named me (back before I learned to LIKE having a unique name/pronunciation/spelling). Which, for the record, were Daisy (I watched a LOT of Disney Channel. And face it, Daisy's pretty awesome. She's pretty, smart, and independent. So, hey, at least I have taste, right?) and Anne (for Anne Shirley ... You know, Anne of Green Gables, etc. ... And, really, there's a core of me that's just as romantic, dramatic, and imaginative as she can be. Oh, how I longed to be her bosom friend. ^_^).

Bucket ALSO tried to get me to tell her how to write a sign that would say that the kids in their room don't have to take a nap. Ha ha ha ... yeah, right, girlie. I don't THINK so. But nice try.

We talked today about money and value. How a penny is one cent, etc, up to a dollar. The kids were shocked to realize how many pennies it takes to buy toys. (To tell the truth, I'm shocked, too.)

That's most of what's gone on today ... The high point of Sunday (besides church in general and my visiting teachee making it to church on her own ^_^) was that I took a nap.... Which wasn't all that restful since I kept waking up about every 15 minutes since Bucket STOMPS around like an elephant. *sigh* And Michael and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ... which made us stay up late. :P
And then we watched our edited DVD of The Lost Boys (LOVE THAT MOVIE) last night.

I should write about my birthday ... and I will ... probably on Thursday. Since I'm tired now ... and I'll have company tomorrow and volunteering ... So, yeah.

And I need to prepare a little 2-minute presentation about Marjorie Pay Hinckley (my choice) for the RS Activity Thursday.  I can do it. It's two minutes. And, really, all the sisters at church already know that I'm ... special. (Outspoken? Geeky? Unique? Odd? All of these fit. :P)

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