Monday, April 18, 2011

For Kicks and Giggles

Every so often, it's fun to do the "[Your Name] needs" meme ...

And, since my name has a more unique spelling, I have to try it a couple ways.
Because, The Google suggests that I'm REALLY looking for "Alana needs," I'll do that one first:

  • "Alana needs a middle name" - Nope! My mom loves me. She gave me one. I like it!
  • "ALANA NEEDS YOUR NUMBERS!!" - Um, why am I shouting? And ... maybe I do. If I want to talk to you on the phone, I sure would need your number. Yes. *nods*
  • "Alana needs your Kokua." - I had to look this one up. Kokua = mutual assistance/pitching in (Hawaiian). This is probably true. We're all in this thing together, no?
  • "Alana needs a miracle NOW!" - Again, who doesn't need a miracle?
    (Aren't our lives all composed of tiny miracles? Isn't every breath we take a miracle? Isn't finding a friend a miracle? ... I guess it depends on your perspective. But I like to think that life is composed wholly of miracles. Then I get to be a super-sleuth and try to notice them all. Then I get tired and go back on facebook.)
  • "Alana needs some feedback."  - Hey, I'm not going to deny it. I LOVE it when people give me feedback (well, unless they're being jerks about it. ... I thrive on praise. I wilt under severe criticism. Just sayin'). So, yeah, if you WANT me to write about something, I'll totally blog for comments. *wink*
  • "Alana needs money." - Sure! I'll gladly take money! I love to use it! I'd love to have a cushy savings account/ trust fund/ something! ... Because, with enough money, I could totally change the world! KIVA.ORG MICROLOANS GALORE! HEIFER INTERNATIONAL AND WORLD VISION DONATIONS DAILY! END HUNGER! END POVERTY!
    ... And, yeah, I would probably also buy new shoes. And clothes. And a gym membership (somewhere with childcare, massage, and hours that work for me. The Anytime Fitness here in town? TOTALLY NOT open "any time". What's up with that????? Just call it "Anytime during-the-eight-hours-that-we're-open-during-the-weekdays-and-maybe-on-Saturday Fitness". I mean, really. Srsly??? Ugh.). And more makeup. And a bigger house, since the kids will need separate bedrooms at some point. And regular maintenence for the vehicles. And supplies to give our current house cub appeal. And KILL ALL THE ANTS! (That's how I know that Spring's arrived. ... We had ants crawling around the living room. And in our laundry. GROSS.) And organize my house. And learning to eat sensibly-sized portions. And regular mani/pedis/massage/waxing. And medical insurance ... And generous donations for Toys for Tots and wonderful things like that. .... Yeah ... I know that I'm selfish. But I want to end hunger and support world literacy, too.
  • "Alana needs a boyfriend" - Um, NO I DON'T. I have a HUSBAND. Who's my bestie.
    I mean, I have guys that are friends ... but I don't need a  boyfriend. That'd just be skeevy. Ew.
  • "Alana needs hugs" - Sure. I'm all over hugs.
    Unless you're a creeper.
  • "Alana needs a roommate" - Um, really? I have THREE. One of which is permanent. And I have three animal housemates, too. I think I'm good. Until I pop out another loinspawn/drop another litter ... then I'll be perfectly fine with having four or five housemates (for about the next 18 years).
Yeah, so that's what The Google tells me for almost-my-name.

Let's see if there's anything better with my name:

Wow. TWO results. And one of them is me griping about a facebook game. (Geeky much?)
But, yes ... this is what I need according to The Google.

Now, if I made a more serious list ... Hmmm ....
Allanna needs:
  • to find a way to motivate herself she can start cultivate the following habits
  1. to exercise
  2. to read STUDY her scriptures daily
  3. to make the time for personal communion in prayer with Heavenly Father
  4. to clean the house without whining like a whining whiner
  5. to leave the house and take her kids places --- like the park
  6. to stop feeling fat ... and then self-medicating with food. (Yes, I admit it. I'm a stress-eater. And a depression-eater.)
  7. to suck it up and start USING her HAM Radio license (The plan: Start next week, check in with the Stake on Sunday evening. Wish us luck!)
  8. to suck it up and start using the sewing machine
  9. to suck it up and fold the laundry. And PUT IT AWAY, too.
  10. to start getting through all my library books.
Okay, that's enough for now. But, yeah ... if I start exercising and learning correct portion sizes (and learn how to eat THOSE and not feeling like I'm STARVING), I could totally make my goal of losing, like, 50 pounds (which will still be a healthy weight for me).

However, in other news, when we went to visit a friend yesterday, she complimented me ... asked me if I'd lost weight.
Actually, I've put on two pounds.
But I was tickled.
I admitted that I gained those last two pounds ... and that they must be "skinny pounds." ^_^

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All I get is one weird spammy site about voting and someone named Talana Powers... I might need to create a list of my own!

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