Friday, April 22, 2011

*askance glance*

Well, I feel like a ninny after last night's post.

What is it about being a new day (and having a deep sleep) that puts things into perspective?
(No, really, I'm not usually so calm and philosophic about life. Honestly.)

In other news, the painters have arrived ... so to say ... so that's a good way to temper the crazy.
(Though, really, I wish there were some literal painters here ... so that my kitchen and bathrooms, the hallway, and the kids' room could get a fresh look. *sigh*)

And Freyja just jumped in my lap to snuggle, so that's a bonus. Ohhhh ... and she's purring. Mm. I like that.
Wasn't there some study about purring affecting beta waves in the brain or something? If nothing else, it's a little superficial massage for my thigh (since I have my legs crossed, with one knee braced against my desk. ... I even have rough skin right there, to prove how often I sit this way. >.<)

Okay, so in my emails this morning, I have $15 to spend at Borders before the end of the month. I have books that I want to buy. I'm doing it. And, if I head to Borders, I should turn in library books to the library in town there, anyways.
Also, the Buy-3-Get-3-Free special at BBW ends today. I WANT some Cherry Vanilla scented stuff. And I'm getting the matching lippie. I wants it. It's my preshssssssssssssssussssssssssssssssss. (Okay, not really. But srsly? Cherry Vanilla? Yum! And it's one of their lip glosses that I don't have to guess at the flavor before I buy it ... Why do they have lip glosses named for the new scents and no sign to tell what they MIGHT taste like? The ones I've gotten NEVER taste like the perfume [THANK GOODNESS. That'd be gross. Just sayin'.]

In other-OTHER news, the last of my birthday presents arrived earlier this week. Two shirts and a skirt from Downeast Basics. And, HUZZAH!!! This skirt fits! (I have a skirt one size down ... which is adorable. And doesn't fit. It's my motivation. That and the chub I'm sporting. I WILL lose weight. I will. Somehow. ... And I had to send back a dress last month. The skirt-part fit ... but, oy. The bodice? Mah bewbs hurt just thinking about it. ... They don't make dresses that are suitable for the almighty rack. Ugh.)
So, hey, now I have TWO suitable skirts that fit for church. ... I have an old denim one ... but, if I sit too long, the slit ends up creeping ... so, when I got home, that slit was showing off my rear pretty well. Hope it wasn't doing that as I traipsed through the church hallway a couple weeks back.  :S

Plans for the day:

  • Vacuum -- Living room, dining room (who has a carpeted dining room?? ... We do. >.<), hallway, kids' room (especially to pick up the last of last night's puke-fiasco).
  • Dishes. Since that's an ongoing thing. No shocker there.
  • Fold/put away the laundry on the couch (Not even THINKING about the laundry in our bedroom ... except, now that I said that, I AM ... so my denial isn't working.... CRAP).
  • Get showered and dressed.
  • Food. We should eat breakfast. 
  • Go into town. Drop off library books (both libraries, really). Go to Borders. Come back. Go to BBW so I can get nice-smelly stuff. Because smelling nice makes me happy.
  • Trim Freyja's claws ... since it was a little painful when she was trying to "make biscuits" on my thigh w/o a protective layer of denim in between. Ow. Now she's going for my breastbone. And my pooch.
  • Read scriptures. (Not just skim them. ... yeah. I'm guilty of that modus operandi. My fault we don't have the sealed portion. I admit it. If you have any pointers, send them my way.)
  • Pray
  • Take my vitamins and allergy pill. (I used to love, love, love Spring. Now I have postnasal drip ... and it's SO COLD!! (32F on a beautiful, late April morning?? Wither The Fries, y'all?)
  • Lunch with Mom C ... we still haven't decided where to go. The kids love McDonald's. Michael doesn't. I don't care for Burger King so much. We could do Jack-in-the-Box, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, or any Mexican (or American-Mex) ... Bucket keeps saying that she wants Chinese food. (No, she DOESN'T remember puking. Or waking up. At all. *martyr look*) (Yeah, I called it.) (Wish I hadn't.)
But, yeah ... in other news, Michael's still much better than I deserve.
I was still in hormonal-freak-out mode ... and I was all, "Why do you even love me? I snap at you, I look awful when I cry, I'm chubby now, etc., etc. Why??? How can you even like me?"

And he's all, "As a wise prince once said, I love whom I love."

Yeah ... he totally quoted The Last Unicorn at me. Bonus points to him. And I also award him ten internets.
He earned them.
He's a keeper. Totally.

But, phew. He still loves me. The angry bees are on their way away (hope they're not coming to you. I hate those angry bees. The angry bees that get in my head and hate me).

Okay. Time to break out the vacuum. ... And, if I have time, I have about twenty library books to read. *sigh*

But, good news, I've kept all food down since Tuesday afternoon. And my acne flare-up is flaring down.
And there are fresh strawberries in the fridge. And Orange-pineapple juice. And Orange-mango juice. And pretty eggs. And I woke up (finally) feeling like I just might be able to face the day.

I REALLY need to clean the carpets now, though. Maybe that'll be my goal. Rent a cleaner. Since there are, like, THREE stores in a mile radius that I can rent one from.

Can I just say, for the record, that Freyja's an ADORABLE cat.
She was worth the wait.
(Though I do still miss my Gingi-cat ... but Frey is a good balm to my soul. ... And I'm glad that Michael puts up with her fur [and his allergy] for me.)

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