Monday, April 11, 2011

How I get free stuff ...

Since you asked (this is for YOU, especially, Robin!), here's what I do to get free stuff.
Because I love you. (And I LOVE that you asked! ^__^)

I follow some pages on facebook. That's pretty easy, right?
And, to learn WHO I should "like," I follow a couple more pages.

Freebies4Mom usually gives a heads-up on which companies are offering freebies.
So does MoneySavingMom.

I did sign up for the email newsletter for the daily freebie from AllYou magazine (sometimes they're not that feasible for me. I COULD have gotten a free mascara sample, if I drove to a J.C. Penney with a Sephora in it. ... I'd have had to drive about 45 minutes to get to a mall with one. Kinda negates the "free" of the freebie, no?)

Every so often, I remember to check the free samples at Or Target.
I know there are other stores that do these, too. Every so often there's some at Costco or Sam's Club. But usually you need a membership number for those. USUALLY. (There have been exceptions.)

I'm a Purex Insider ... So far, I've received a full-size laundry detergent and a trial size of the fabric softener crystals (reminds me, I need to buy some more.)  If you want to apply, go here.

I have a VERY BELATED book review to post before I can get a new free book from BookSneeze (used to be Thomas Nelson Publishing). You sign up, agree to review books honestly. You get to choose which title is sent to you (one book or DVD at a time) and then you post a review on your blog and on a commercial-type site ( or something like that). Then you report back with the links ... and *voila!* you can request a new book or DVD. ... Now, sometimes, there aren't a lot of titles available. I'll be honest. And, really, this one that I STILL haven't done (since like Thanksgiving) is because it was the most interesting one ... for Michael (who I'll pass it to after I review it).
After you review the book, you're free to do whatever you like with it. I've kept most of them. I gave one to my aunt. And this one will go to Michael. ... Once I FINALLY get it done.
(If only I could also get free books from Quirk books ... I'm quite eager to read the new P&P&Z book, Dreadfully Ever After. CAN. NOT. WAIT. ... Yes, this is a guilty pleasure of mine. And I still need to read Android Karenina. *HAPPY GASP!!!!!* Hee!! There's even another new one! The Meowomorphis!! Kafka with KITTENS?!?? I NEED this! ... or at least to get it from my libraries. *eager nodding ensues*)
(YES. I KNOW it's not PROPER LITERATURE. But it's my form of literary crack. ... Could be worse. Could be smut, right? :P)

I also have gotten some perks from So far, I've won two books in drawings. That's exciting. I've read one (I REALLY need to read the other. I've not been reading nearly so much this last year. What's WRONG with ME??!?!?!??). And they do say that if you review the titles that you win, you do get a slight advantage in future drawings you enter.
(If anyone wants my copy of Impulsive [contemporary romance], let me know. It was okay. Racy. And with some explicit scenes/language. But okay. I was glad that I won a copy, since my libraries didn't carry it.)

Those are my best bits of advice. Just keep your eyes out for free samples or contests.
I won a pair of Ryka running shoes a couple years ago. So pretty. (If they had a similar style, I'd link to it. But you know how fashion goes. :P)
Pretty much a complete shocker on that one, since I didn't really have my hopes up at all on that.

And, of you know that you'd like to make the commitment to spending $$ on laser hair removal, if you enter in the drawings for those, your chances are pretty good at getting a call back. Just sayin'.
I think I have a $300 discount off of a package. ... Too bad that it'd still be over $1,000 out of pocket.
(I think I might have mentioned [a few thousand times] how I hate shaving. :P)

But, yeah ... just keep looking. And if a company is offering a free sample that sounds too good to be true and needs TOO MUCH INFO ... just be careful.

I wish I could be one of those couponing mavens ... you know, the kind that spends, like, $20 for a month's worth of groceries.
I'm not. But I do have a CRAPLOAD of free shampoo and conditioner samples.
Which is better than a poke in the eye. *nods*

Go forth, young Padawan. Make Llanna proud. ^_^
Save much, sample greatly.

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