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Birthday Week Extravaganza ....

At this point, birthday celebrations are going into the two-week celebration ... Not that I'm complaining. ^_^

I already wrote about how Dad and L came up, we ate burgers and ice cream cake for her and my birthdays, and they went home.

I also wrote about General Conference (well, the fact that it HAPPENED. I know I haven't covered all the talks or anything like that. ... Suffice it to say that I love following the #ldsconf Twitter stream while listening/watching conference. It helps me pay better attention and catch great quotes. And everyone's names. ... and, I'll also confess to looking up some of the speakers, so that I know their callings in the church. Yeah. Cheater-cheater. :P)

So, Sunday, I was a little pissy because I was making sausage gravy while Dieter F. Uchtdorf was speaking in the morning. Oh well. My gravy is good ... and I'll be able to read his whole talk soon. And even watch it again online. Not the end of the world.

Michael and I started a fast Sunday. I stopped eating at 1:30 ... even though I hadn't had lunch. Michael started before dinner. We fasted so that he will pass his test Friday. The BIG TEST. The one that, when he passes it, will give his his Engineering license. So, yeah, please say your prayers.

I also went with my friend K, one of my past Visiting Teachers and our ward's Relief Society president, on some visits to a few of the gals in our ward with April birthdays. It was nice. I enjoy hanging with her no matter what. And, after we visited, she picked my brain on some of the names on the ward list (she's only been president for a few months ... and between Michael and me, we know a chunk of people in the ward. Especially Michael does. Being Elder's Quorum president will do that. And he was the Executive Secretary before being in the EQ presidency. So, yeah. He knows LOTS of people in the ward that I don't.) and then she and I talked about Facebook (I'm in it. She's not. But her son is. And he was all, "I should friend Allanna!" And she ran that by me. OF COURSE!)

Monday, I mostly hung out, cleaned house, and nursed a headache. And, once 1:30 rolled around, the alarm on my phone of "Okay, you can eat now!" (YES, that IS what it said. What???), I ate two bowls of chili with tortilla chips. And then I ate something else. Something sweet. What was it? Oh well ... but I was TOO FULL to eat dinner at all. Even though I did cook dinner!

AND!!!! My newest niece was born!!! Yay! T1 went into labor in the morning ... and little C was born in the early evening. ^_^ Yay! And she's adorable! (Well, they BOTH are, but I know you were asking about Miss C.) So that was exciting. ^_^

Tuesday, I finished doing the dishes before Mom and Ju (my aunt) came up. Mom has to work Thursday and Friday this week (subbing), so the visit was a little earlier this week. "But Mutti ALWAYS comes on WEDNESDAYS!" was a discussion that we had. *rolls eyes* LOL.
Julie and I went out to the salon where I get waxed ... but instead of THAT, she and I got manicures and I got a pedicure.
I really SHOULD have looked at what the colors were named ... but after looking at the OPI website, I THINK these are the colors (in case you care):
Julie's nails: Isn't That Precious (it's this light pink. Like near the bottom of a rose petal. Almost a cherry-blossom pink)
My nails: Feelin' Hot-hot-hot (a bright pink. With a hint of coral to it. I think of it as a poppy-pink.)
My toes: {Maybe ... not sure} Funky Dunkey {but I don't know. It's not nearly as dark as it looks online} (A creamy electric purple.)

Seriously, if you are local and want the name of my salon (Yes, I call it mine now. If I had more money, I'd definitely go back for more things. OFTEN. This is the first time that I've gotten a manicure, not acrylics or anything. And I enjoy getting pedicures. And I like not having to shave ... I wouldn't mind trying the teeth whitening or the facials or body wraps. ... I don't think I'll do tanning, though. I'd rather lay out in the son for that, really. ^_^), I'll totally share it with you. Just ask. I'll let you know.
Now, the prices were a little higher for mani/pedis than a few other places I looked at (but not by a lot). But the atmosphere and kind, friendly people totally make it worth it.

After we got back (during which time, Mom and the kids went shopping and did some cooking),  we hung out and got dinner ready ... so Michael could grab a bite before leaving for EQ visits ... and we could eat dinner. And we got the kids ready for bed ... and had baby cheesecakes (topped with Nutella or sugar-free raspberry preserves) and ice cream cake. YUM!

The kids both picked out birthday cards for me. Bruise's plays "September" and Bucket's plays "Happy Birthday" (on strings). And they (meaning Mom, ha ha ha) bought me another DVD rack. So I got that set up and put the REST of the kids' DVDs into it. And gosh, it sure looks nice. ^_^

I showed Julie how our Netflix works (they don't have Netflix. Yet, anyways. Ha ha ha.) ... we watched the pilot of "Keeping Up Appearances" and then "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." ... But I don't think she liked Dr. Horrible all that much. *sigh* I know that I'm kinda obsessed. I'll admit it.

Today, we got up ... I got showered and dressed (did my face and hair later) and Mom, Ju, and the kids had breakfast (I'm terrible at eating brekkie. ... Also, I got phlegm or something in my throat and threw up in the shower. Ugh. Hate that. ... Could have had something to do with the fact I had a stressful dream. I was, in my dream, driving a big red truck. And the kids were in it. And I was turning onto a local highway from a different road than I usually go -- but one that I HAVE used IRL. And we got into an accident and were blocking both westbound lanes. And I turned around to check on the kids. I think they were okay ... and I woke up. BUT I KNEW that the truck was all totaled. And that we'd have to pay the deductible. And THAT'S stressful enough in and of itself.  Ugh. Stupid stressy dreams.). Then Bruise played on the Wii, I got made up and hairs did ... and then I fixed Bucket's broken drawer. It took two screws (one was missing, the other had been stripped) and Michael's electric drill (for the screwdriver) ... and maybe 5-10 minutes. Yup ... I'm kinda a big deal. And this is one LESS thing to have on the Honey-Do list.
Then we went to McDonald's. And Mom, Ju, and the kids stuck around home and I volunteered.
Then I came home and Mom and Ju had to leave. :(
But it was a good visit.

Sometime Bri and I are going to get together and change up my hair a bit. I'm looking forward to that. ... I'm going to try and grow it out. Short hair is fun and all. But I do like having hair long enough to play with. The cut I'm growing out doesn't make it easy to do any vintage-y type hairdos. Oh well. A few more months. Or years. Either or. :P

Oh! And I got my Target Beauty Bag (freebie) in the mail today. That was fun! I'll put up pictures or something. But, let's see ... here's what was in it:

  • Fekkai Shea Butter Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner samples
  • Pantene Fine Hair Shampoo (travel size bottle)
  • Sample of Revlon Hot Pink lipgloss
  • Nivea lotion sample (bottle) - Sea Minerals and Lotus Blossom scent
  • Neutrogena Naturals lip balm
  • Coupon booklet ... all this inside a cute little 
  • Sonia Kashuk travel make up case.
Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. ... That's one of the bonuses for signing up for freebies. Since it takes a few weeks for them to arrive, I kinda lose track of what I'm waiting for ... so it's always a bit of a surprise when things come. ^_^ Yeah, I'm kinda special like that. :P

Okay ... I THINK that's it.

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Robin said...

I love "Keeping Up Appearances"!!! Happy birthday week, I hope the rest of it is awesome! Also I want to sign up for freebies, how do I get to do that?!

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